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Engaging in sports

Engaging in sports
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Jammu and Kashmir has been witnessing turmoil for almost three decades now. During this period one of the key causalities that took toll on the youth across the region is that they could not get themselves associated with various sports activities.
Since the youth here are quite outgoing and forward looking their involvement in sports activities could have got them engaged and diverted them to something constructive and productive.
Even though lot of measures were announced during the past regimes but most of these announcements either got stuck up in bureaucratic red tape or ended up benefitting the people who were enjoying rapport with the high and the powerful.
Sports activity, though quite limited during the past several years did not attract the youth’s attention and hence the activity did not achieve the desired results it should have over the years.
Now some movement forward is being witnessed on this front as the administration led by the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha announced a comprehensive sports policy which intends to make the sports lucrative for youth.
The government has sanctioned the implementation of Jammu & Kashmir Sports Policy 2022 with the institution of several sports awards, incentives, scholarships, appointment of outstanding sports persons among other features.
This first ever policy document has been created with the vision of ‘games and sports for all’ and is designed to be in conformity with the National Sports Policy of the country.
The policy document lays thrust to create vibrant incentivized sports ecosystem through strategic interventions for sports in Jammu and Kashmir. The basic cannons of he policy are to scout, engage, facilitate and recognition.
The sports policy reflects the value that the administration is giving this sector with focus on encouraging sports at both the rural and urban levels while ensuring the engagement of all.
The vision of the proposed Jammu and Kashmir Sports Policy 2022 is to create a dynamic, inclusive, competitive and innovative environment that enables and empowers the young citizens to experience and benefit from a strong sports culture- to facilitate the creation of a self-sustaining and participative sports eco-system that makes sports affordable, enjoyable and sustainable for all who wish to play and for those who wish to excel on the global forefront.

The policy becomes all the more important as the youth are in dire need to let their hopes and trust consolidate on a platform that will ensure their success and overall well being.
The youth here are faced with many challenges and physical activity that the proposed policy will ensure can sure help the youth to move away from various evils that they have fallen prey to.

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