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Poem: To My Maternal Aunt

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By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

When rain doesn’t seem to go away, I am reminded of my beloved maternal aunt

Her scintillating smile would melt the stone hearts

Her presence was like a constant companion in the dreadful wilderness

She would support us when everything was torn apart

Sitting in the kitchen and gazing at our arrival was her cherished dream

She would eat the mounds of poison to let us eat the savoury foods

Fields would laugh in her presence,

The sun would wait for her to finish her daily chores,

The moon would gaze at her for her ingenuity

Seeing her hospitality, the monsoon would dance in ecstasy

When storms didn’t not seem to end, she would streamline our boats for safety

Fairies would sing lullabies for her and rock her cradle

Heralding dreams, she would decorate the beds of roses

Caring for her husband was her obligatory duty

Her son, Fazil, would bloom in her presence

She would dig earth to hide her son from the brutal world

She gave birth to princesses who always care for everyone

Holding the magic wand in her hands, she would erase every pain

Badi Mammy, you left us in the middle of nowhere

The bloody hounds were on prowl while you left us to fight against the monsters

Mammy, you rest in peace and we are waiting for your arrival

My thatched house is what I have to offer you

My weak body is what I have to present you

My candles are flickering while my heart’s light is bright

Your arrival will enlighten our dark world

We love you, Badi Mammy






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