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Significant damage to transmission towers if escalates could affect ‘electricity’ of entire valley

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Power Transmission Corporation Limited (JKPTCL) Monday late evening said that the significant damage to transmission towers along peer top has forced them to rely on only one connection to the northern grid.

The corporation also said that if the last remaining connectivity got disrupted, the situation could escalate and could affect the entire valley.

Taking to the microblogging site X, JKPTCL said, “Please be informed that due to unprecedented rainfall, there has been significant damage to transmission towers along Peer Top. We are currently relying on only one connection to the Northern Grid. (SIC)

JKPTCL further said, “It’s imperative that all essential services have backup plans in place to address any potential issues arising from this situation, for the public’s well-being.” (SIC)

The power transmission corporation however said that there was no need for panic at the moment. “However, if our last remaining connectivity is disrupted, which is unlikely but not impossible, the situation could escalate, affecting not just a particular district but the entire valley.” (KNO)

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