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GVEI Srinagar celebrates ‘Pi day’

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Srinagar: The Department of Mathematics of  Green Valley Educational Institute (GVEI) on Thursday celebrated “Pi Day” in the school auditorium.

The event began with an inaugural address, attended by all faculty members and members from the management of the school.

On the occasion, educators provided an insightful overview of Pi and emphasized the significance of its celebration.

The faculty from the Mathematics department delved into the history and physical significance of ‘pi’.

The faculty also engaged the audience and students in activities to illustrate fundamental concepts related to this unique number.

The students and the faculty members who attended the event were captivated by the practical applications of pi in the real world.

Chairman GVEI Muhammad Yousuf Wani said such initiatives play a crucial role in disseminating information and enriching educational experiences for students.

“Our school remains committed to organise similar events for educators and students alike which will foster continuous learning and keeping abreast of global developments,” Wani said.

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