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Engaging in fruitful activities

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By: Sahil Manzoor

We learn things by intimating others. We get interested in other activities when that activity gets fame and charm among the people. We reach at the top when we show great performances and this is what we like the most. Though some activities are anti-religious and anti human and we should ignore them and try to get them out of the society.

In present era we are tackling with number of issues like drug addiction among the youth, unemployment, and unskilled youth. Every day things are getting bad and we are getting worried but one thing is very fortunate that in our valley we have good people who are pushing our youth towards beneficial activities and taking them out from the unnecessary unlawful and harmful activities.

Today the face of Kashmir valley is getting changed due to various reasons like the young and present generation of valley taking interests in business sector. We have ample dedicated youth who are generating employment for the thousands of unemployed youth in the valley for last couple of decades.

In past we had wrong perception that acquiring education can make us rich, provide us government job, could cater us handsome earnings. In fact this perception is not bad but today we have quite different perceptions regarding our future.

We can make our future great in all respects and government job is not the single solution. First of all we have to prefer the field we are having interest like business, sports etc. No profession is small or big, your interest and level of dedication decides and make your dreams come true.

I have met various people who are at higher levels in government and in private sector but I have noticed that they are not satisfied and having regrets why not they have chosen what they wanted and what they were deserving.

Lack of interest always make your job burden for you and pushes you towards destruction. Your interest in something which makes your job great changes your fate within very little time period. There are people who have worked for decades but are still far away from their life goals, and at the same time there are people who are quite satisfied what they have achieved and providing counseling, skills, guidance, employment to ample unemployed youth.

Today in this article I am going share with you what I am actually going to explore. Today I have seen on Facebook that some efficient and dedicated youth were performing the job of commentator during live match which was played between two semi-finalist teams. I got very impressed that how the youth of valley are showing their interests in sports activities and promoting sports activities like football, cricket, volley, cycling, etc.

One thing is clear and fair that cricket is one of the most liked games in our country. In every corner of the valley cricket is being liked and played. In remote areas of valley where there is no playing area available, I have seen youth making adjustments and enjoying their favourite game. During last couple of years government at all levels also tried to reach in every corner and provide sports grounds, kits, and other facilities they need.

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