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Block Diwas at Koil: DC Pulwama sets tone for Collaborative Governance, Civic Responsibility

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PULWAMA: In a remarkable gathering held at Govt Higher Secondary School Koil, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Pulwama, Dr. Basharat Qayoom Wednesday presided over the Block Diwas event.

He was accompanied by ADDC Pulwama, ACD Pulwama, and various District and Sectoral officers.

The DC facilitated an interactive session aimed at enlightening the public about government schemes and initiatives.

The event witnessed active participation from departments across various sectors, each showcasing their schemes and benefits through informative stalls. Attendees were apprised of the opportunities available, fostering a deeper understanding of government programs.

A significant turnout marked the occasion, with public delegations vocalizing their demands and extending gratitude for the responsive actions of the District Administration.

The DC, engaged attentively with the grievances voiced by the public, commending their participation and emphasizing Koil’s pivotal role in the success of the program.

Addressing the gathering, he highlighted the resolution of past issues and adherence to timelines, particularly in projects like JJM. He also mentioned the identification of a playground for residents, underscoring the administration’s commitment to community welfare.

Speaking on various schemes including HADP and the Vishwakarma scheme, DC emphasized the importance of local support, especially from the youth and artisans, in maximizing the benefits of these programs. He stressed the significance of sanitation initiatives, highlighting the infrastructure development in the district and urging residents to contribute to maintaining cleanliness.

Furthermore, the DC directed concerned officials to identify a suitable building for the establishment of a Senior Citizens Hub, equipped with facilities like a library and age specific recreational facilities, catering to the needs of the elderly population.

The Block Diwas event in Koil served as a platform for meaningful interaction between the administration and the public, fostering a collaborative approach towards community development.

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