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Newspapers are a treasury of knowledge

Newspapers are a treasury of knowledge
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By: Sahil Manzoor

Knowledge is power. Knowledge accumulates, and it needs patience, curiosity, guidance, etc. One thing is very fortunate: we have a good number of sources that provide us with updated, compatible materials that help us and keep us updated. There are great minds involved in journalism and brilliant editors who are working together and providing us with what is happening around us.

It has been centuries since the first newspaper was printed in the year 1605. In India, the first newspaper was published in 1779 by James Augustus. There are famous and leading newspapers in the world today and there are a number of other leading newspapers that are also published on a daily basis in different countries around the globe. Newspaper reading sums up new words in our vocabulary and provides us with current general knowledge of our surroundings.

Today, everyone should have a gallery of knowledge to tackle the hard situations in day-to-day life. Every individual needs to be capable of facing different kinds of hardship and achieving success in life. Today’s world is fully laced with advanced technology, and the world needs people who are technical, energetic, active, and have good communication skills to deal with their clients properly and in a very humble and kind way.

Language is just a medium through which we can communicate with each other and express our ideas, thoughts, etc., but at the same time, we are living in an advanced place where we must have the skills, motivation, and good communication skills. One should have a gallery of knowledge to express his thoughts to the outside world.

During vacations, there are several coaching institutes offering coaching for English-speaking courses and personality development training to learn more languages for the goal of employment.

Nowadays, competency levels are very high among learners and job-seeking youths, but at the same time, we lack so many things that education is mandatory to get a reputed job and handsome earnings. Being educated enhances your morale, develops your personality, and enhances your level of dignity.

There are so many other sources that we should utilizes to develop our overall personality. Time is not far when we get a revolution for our nation, and nations develop when youth come out with full zeal and enthusiasm, accumulating dreams for the nation and their dreamer. When we start to develop our thoughts, have big goals, and come forward with eminent dreams, no one can beat us.

In today’s article, I am going to explore the benefits of newspaper reading and how it helps us get educated unintentionally. These days, social media plays a lofty role in bringing good things out, but at the same time, in society, there is a negative perspective on social media as well. Due to the influence of social media, most of us are taking part in different physical activities, which are very beneficial for us and for our strong thoughts.

Several Android apps display happenings on your mobile phone within a very limited time, and Google plays a vital role in keeping you updated in day-to-day life, but newspapers are quite a different learning medium for the learners and for the people who are living in our society. Newspaper reading helps us learn a new word with proper pronunciation, provides us with a gallery of knowledge within a very short period, and sums up new words in our vocabulary, keeping us updated.

Newspaper reading helps us to know what is happening throughout the world, country, and state and even provides us with the whole day’s happenings. Newspaper reading provides us with general knowledge and awareness about the latest updates and provides information on weather, national highways, job advertisements, and renowned places to visit. Newspaper reading allows us to know what is happening in the country.

The position of the share market presents the situation of the country’s economy. Most importantly, newspaper reading enhances our vocabulary as new words are being used by the editors in the news column. Trending words are too often used in the newspapers. There are some other interesting facts also published in the newspapers; they include poetry, recipes, advertisements, religious facts, jokes, and so on.

Newspapers are published in our country in many languages, like English, Urdu, Hindi, etc. The readers are enjoying their favorite columns, so get them updated. Acquiring the latest facts. Knowing what is happening in the country and the world. So if you want to update your knowledge and get more knowledge, newspaper reading is the best way to get all of it, and it is free of charge.

(The author hails from Raiyar, Budgam)

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