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Implementation of e-Offices: IT Experts impart Training

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BANDIPORA: To modernize administrative processes and to implement e-Offices, a training session was imparted on Thursday to master trainers at Bandipora.

On the occasion, IT experts imparted training to master trainers who will play a key role in disseminating this knowledge throughout various government departments.

It was given out that the training was organised to equip master trainers with the knowledge and skills necessary to oversee the transition from traditional paperwork to electronic document management.

Implementation of e-Offices has the tendency to enhance transparency, reduce paperwork, and expedite decision-making processes.

The training session covered various aspects of e-Office implementation, including digital document management, data security, and best practices for the efficient use of IT resources.

The experts said that it is a comprehensive program that will prepare the master trainers to serve as the bridge between the government and modern technology.

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