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A cure all remedy

A cure all remedy
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By: Azmat Zehra

Education is important for both boys and girls. But if we talk about the girls’ education, the society is hesitant in allowing the girl to get education as the boys get. Owing to some unknown reasons, the girl is considered inferior than boys. She is barred from the minimum education.

Though there are some visible changes on the ground, there is a long road to tread to make the dream of the girls’ education come true. However, the question of utmost importance is that what are the reasons that halt the journey of the girls’ education.  If it is crystal clear that a girl’s education is a panacea to all the ills of society, then why we are what we are. Let us discuss some causes briefly.

The first is orthodox thinking. Our society believes that a girl’s main job is to learn the household chores. She must devote herself in learning these. There is no need for a girl to leave her home and get education.  It is the wastage of time and resources too.

The second is religiosity. Our society has made religion an illogical bunch of customs and rituals. The actual objective of religions is to make this worldly life comfortable and progressive.  However, our religions have been interpreted in such a manner that it becomes quite difficult to hold on to the moderate path.

Religions stress upon this fact that both girls and boys get education to enlighten them. In the majority of religions, it is clearly mentioned that a girl’s education is the panacea to the majority of the ills of society. However, we do reverse.

The third is misogyny. We always blame girls for every toward action. We consider them wrong for the major problems. In this way, their wings are clipped. They are unable to get acquainted with the wealth of education.  Moreover, we have bias towards girls. Their achievements are never taken into account.

In order to wish our society to develop in the real sense, we must give girls as much as freedom as possible. They are one of the two wheels of life. They make half of the population of the world.

The government as well the intellectuals of our society must do whatever they can in making the girls’ education possible. Instead of spending on other useless things, we must spend on them. It is a fact that the fruits of education are sweet. In the long run, our society will progress in leaps and bounds.

Better facilities should be made possible for girls. Infrastructure development for all, particularly for girls, should be our priority.

Last but not least, we must change our mind sets and allow girls to do what they are capable of doing. Apart from these, religions must be reinterpreted to make the lives of girls comfortable and peaceful.

Let us try to make their education a possibility and shun false mentality. Let them become doctors, Civil Servants, engineers, historians, et cetera. Their wings must not be clipped before flying. They have dreams and let us help them to fulfill them.

(The writer is a student from Khushipora, HMT, Srinagar)

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