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Behold, Read and Enjoy ‘Human’s Rain’: By Azerbaijani Poetess– Nigar Arif

Behold, Read and Enjoy ‘Human’s Rain’: By Azerbaijani Poetess– Nigar Arif
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By: Khursheed Wani

Nigar Arif, Azerbaijani Poetess– a young lady writer and a talented representative of the new generation of Azerbaijani youth has written her second poetry book. She was born in 1993 in Azerbaijan. She studied at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in the English faculty in 2010- 2014 and graduated from “III Youth Writers’ School” in “Azerbaijan Writers’ Union” in 2016- 2017.

Nigar Arif is a member of “Azerbaijan Writers’ Union”, “World Union of Young Turkish Writers”, “International Writers’ Union in Kyrgyzstan”, “ Writers Union of Central Asia” and the “International Forum for Creativity and Humanity” in Morocco.

Her first book – “The Room of Memories” was published along with Arabic ABC in Iran. Her poems have been partially translated into English, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Chinese, Portuguese, Montenegro, Spanish, Arabic, Indian, and Urdu and have been published in different countries. She was a participant of “IV LIFT- Eurasian Literary Festival of Festivals’ which was held in Baku in 2019 and “30 Festival Internacional De Poesia De Medillin” in 2020 which was held in Colombia, “Panaroma International Literary Festival 2020” in India at an online platform. She participated at the” Word trip Europe” project, “100 poets around the World for love” and “ Fourth Global Poet Virtual Meeting 2020” and so on…

The cover page of ‘Human’s Rain’ is well designed as it draws the reader’s attention to it. Deep down lies a secret behind it, a message around which the entire poetry revolves. This book is an unwonted blend of thoughts from the creative mind of Nigar Arif.  Her style of writing is no less than that of a master poet. One of the poems, titled ‘Human’s Rain’, is exclusively written in the context of visual experience that the poetess experienced in her whole nine yard.

I find in her a treasure trove of knowledge and passion for writing. The sudden spread of the Covid pandemic has caused a wave of anxiety among people; the mind has stopped thinking, the desire to live, the fear of the death, the thought of the innocent, life behind the walls. It caused chaos throughout the world. It took zillions of innocent lives. This poem has been written by the poetess with great skill. The poem depicts Covid pandemic and presents all the aspects that people faced.

‘The Wind’, is written to commemorate the importance of wind. In a loud voice, the poetess says, where are those who welcomed it with joy and those who loved you so much? In my analysis it is a wake-up call for those who have lost the greatness of wind.

Another poem titled ‘The Clock is Slow’, indited exclusively about the value of time. We all know that time is more precious, more valuable than money. Listen, money once consumed can be re-earned but passed time will never return. Time never waits for anyone anywhere. The poetess says that learn to use time typically in a more positive way.

One more poem ‘The Way’, written so nicely, the poet opens the poem with the question “Who did really cut out my way?” and followed it up with some assumptions that had a prodigious impact on her life. The poet uses visual images to create deepfelt emotions. The poet asks herself why this happened to her, strange thoughts and prodigal questions arise in her mind. Finally, the poet concludes the poem with this question ‘How this way did fall on my fortune?’

‘Run after Childhood’, another poem, is an excellent illustration of childhood memories. Longing for salad days, old age life experiences, boring years and sacrificing happiness for others, all these aspects are written in this poem. Another poem, ‘The Woman’, presented the life of woman in the best possible way in poetry. At times, the poet compares woman’s life to little ant and mighty elephant. The poet says that a woman spends her life in the service of others without any excuse or reward. The poet rightly ends this poem with a thoughtful note for the readers.

‘The Window of Mind’, indited very nicely, the poet considers the world as a mirror in which everything appears transparent and true. The poet’s sobs evoke the realizations of the common world in the poet. The poet appears realistic in this poem because she has realized the negative side of the world. The poet says ‘I’m not human, I’m not human!’ This verse is enough to grab the reader’s attention.

‘Music is Me, Word is you’, is an exquisite poem full of tranquillity. The poet has created a song like poem by using rhythm correctly in the poem. In This poem, the poet has created exaggerated comparisons for literary effect.

It is not possible to review every poem here, so I suggest readers to read the whole book. The poet has written an effective content in each poem. She has chosen words with great quality. The poet wrote ‘Human’s Rain’ for a purpose. Behold, come and enjoy the mesmerizing imagination and reality that Nigar Arif has created. Definitely, it will spread the scent of words the whole nine yard.

I pray to Allah that the poet’s pen will continue to flow and scale heights.

(The author is a Poet, Reviewer, Author and a Teacher)



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