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POEM: Let us go somewhere

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By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Let us go somewhere

Where there is no pain,

Where there is no sad rain,

Where lives are lived,

Where the brave are not timid

Where girls live,

Where wounds are to sew,

Where merit is an honour,

Where the owner is an owner,

Where truth prevails,

Where falsehood fails,

Where judgement is to judge,

Where sleeping is to nudge,

Where bodies are free,

Where dreams are decree,

Where smiles smile,

Where walking is more than a mile,

Where days are bright,

Where coffins are light,

Where youth are alive,

Where the old know how to dive,

Where roses are red,

Where a good talk is said,

Where nature is near,

Where nothing is to fear,

Let us go there.

Let us go somewhere.

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