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Dr Samoon releases reports, plans for Skill Development initiatives

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SRINAGAR: Principal Secretary, Skill Development Department, Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon, Wednesday unveiled a series of significant reports and plans during a ceremony held here at the Civil Secretariat.

The releases encompassed crucial documents aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of skill development programs in the region.

One of the reports released by Dr Samoon was the comprehensive review of courses offered by Polytechnics and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs ) in Jammu and Kashmir. Prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the 479-page report extensively explores the current employment scenario and presents key findings, recommendations and proposals for comprehensive reforms in the skill development sector.

In addition to the PwC report, Principal Secretary also unveiled the district development plans for all 20 districts of Jammu and Kashmir. These plans outline strategic initiatives and development projects designed to promote skill enhancement, entrepreneurship, and economic growth at the local level, he said. He added that the district development plans are a vital component of the department’s efforts to ensure holistic and inclusive development across the region.

During the ceremony, Principal Secretary also released a booklet of the Food Craft Institute Jammu, focusing on the significance and benefits of millets. The booklet serves as a valuable resource for promoting the consumption and cultivation of millets, highlighting their nutritional value and contribution to sustainable agriculture.

Furthermore, Dr Samoon officially launched “Maharat,” a skilling initiative specifically designed for women in Jammu and Kashmir.

He emphasized that this year’s target is to impart different skills to 50,000 women, empowering them to earn sustainable livelihoods. The Maharat program aims to provide women with the necessary training and support to enhance their employability and economic independence, he maintained.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Samoon said that these releases and initiatives mark significant milestones in the Skill Development Department’s ongoing efforts to foster skill enhancement, economic growth and gender empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir.


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