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Distractions of modern life

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By: Adnan Shafi

In a world where faith is often tested and the distractions of modern life can lead people astray, a powerful call to embrace Islam in its entirety reverberates among believers. This call serves as a reminder to avoid following the path of Satan, who seeks to corrupt and deceive. It is a call to enter Islam completely and not selectively adhere to its teachings based on personal desires or interests.

Moreover, it urges Muslims not to incorporate beliefs from other systems of thought into Islam but rather to embrace the religion in its purest form. Islam is a religion that emphasizes the importance of adhering to its complete teachings, rather than selectively following certain aspects while disregarding others.

This principle sets it apart from the practices of the People of the Book, who are known to follow some parts of their scripture while disbelieving in others. The Quran powerfully asks, “Do you believe in some of the Scripture and reject the rest?” (Quran 2:85) Those who adopt this approach face disgrace in worldly life and severe punishment in the Hereafter.

By embracing Islam wholeheartedly, believers negate the existence of innovations that have no basis in the Quran or the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Innovations, or bid’ah, are actions or practices introduced into the religion that deviate from its original teachings. Falling into the traps of innovation can lead to the distortion of Islam and hinder spiritual growth.

Furthermore, embracing Islam in its entirety serves as a response to the skepticism of secular minds in contemporary society. Some seek to confine religion to a few rituals, reducing it to a personal matter of spirituality and excluding it from the realms of politics and governance. However, Islam is a comprehensive way of life that offers guidance and principles applicable in all spheres, including social, economic, and political domains. By fully embracing Islam, believers can counter the skepticism and demonstrate the holistic nature of their faith.

It is crucial to distinguish between cultural traditions and religious obligations. While Islam encourages the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage, these customs should not supersede or distort the fundamental principles of the faith. Islam provides a framework within which cultural traditions can harmoniously coexist, as long as they do not contradict Islamic teachings. Practices such as extravagant and Hindu-inspired rituals related to weddings and celebrations may not align with the principles of Islam and should be reconsidered.

Embracing Islam wholeheartedly enables believers to protect the integrity of their faith and avoid the pitfalls of Satan’s deceptions. Islam is a complete way of life that offers guidance and solutions for all aspects of human existence. By adhering to its principles, believers can attain true success and fulfillment in this world and the Hereafter.

The call to embrace Islam in its entirety is a powerful reminder to believers to stay steadfast in their faith. Selectively following certain aspects of Islam based on personal desires or incorporating conflicting beliefs dilutes the purity and authenticity of the religion. By embracing Islam wholeheartedly, believers protect the integrity of their faith, avoid the traps of innovations, and truly live according to the teachings of Islam. Islam provides guidance and principles for all aspects of life, and it is only by fully adhering to its teachings that believers can attain true success and fulfillment.

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