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History in the making

History in the making
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Jammu and Kashmir and its potential to attract tourists is a known fact. Not only does the region offer huge potential for various sectors of tourism like adventure, leisure and religious tourism but it holds immense potential for film tourism and the G20 summit that is presently going on here can work wonders to let the region capitalize on this front.

Over the past several months a record number of 18 million tourists visited Jammu Kashmir and despite the covid pandemic casting a huge dent the region has done well to attract tourists in hordes.

Interestingly, the tourism sector made 7 percent contribution to the UT’s GDP as around 300 new destinations identified to promote green tourism, small and medium enterprises, youth and women entrepreneurs have helped to involve local communities to support sustainable tourism.

What is welcoming to note that the present dispensation has accorded the status of Industry to tourism sector and all fiscal incentives as per the Industrial Policy are being provided to the sector. This being the reason that the government is receiving massive investment proposals from several key and big players in the hospitality sector.

What is noteworthy is that the film industry is reviving its old ties with Jammu and Kashmir and after a long pause of almost four decades bollywood is turning its attention to this scenic and iconic place. All this has happened due to the keen interest of the government as it announced launch of a film policy in 2021 to attract more investment into film sector.

Since more than 300 movies were filmed in the region last year and the enthusiasm is bringing about a qualitative change in the lives of people, the move to hold G20 meeting here can turn the tables around for film tourism. Not only bollywood but production houses from the length and breadth of the country can come here for shoots and leave back quite satisfied. This is quite evident as some comments by various delegates and film personalities during the ongoing summit have given enough hints that film tourism is all set to thrive in this part of the world.

The G20 meeting held in Srinagar has the potential to create a landmark for ensuring a vibrant film shoot destination in Jammu and Kashmir and this move can fetch huge revenues besides other incentives for all the stakeholders.

It is no hidden secret that destination Kashmir has always attracted the film makers, and with improved and a vibrant infrastructure that is being created over the past two years not only will producers from bollywood feel attracted to come here, but even international film crews can be seen making a bee-line for Jammu and Kashmir.

The move will help Jammu and Kashmir find its place in the top 50 destinations in the world and it will be on the travel bucket list of global travelers and film makers alike.

The sector also has a huge potential to create job opportunities for the younger lot who can not only make a career out of it but offer their contribution for nation building as well. The G20 event has the potential to create history in Jammu and Kashmir as the initiatives take through it can help to create a new economic rebirth for the region.

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