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Unregistered Vehicles on roads to face hefty Fines, Imprisonment under MVA

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MVD Kashmir issues SOPs to tackle Unregistered Vehicles

SRINAGAR: In view of rising instances of unregistered vehicles plying on the roads, the Regional Transport Officer Kashmir has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to address the same.

According to the SOPs, the first offence of an unregistered vehicle being found on roads will be met with a ₹5,000 penalty under the Motor Vehicles Act, while the second offence will result in a ₹10,000 fine or a prison sentence for the owner which may extend to one year, or both.

Additionally, non-display of registration mark on High Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) will be similarly punishable.

“The showrooms must adhere to the rule of releasing vehicles with registration numbers on HSRP without fail. In case it is found that dealers have violated this norm, not only will the face penalty under MVA, but they will be held liable for any crimes committed using such vehicles”, an RTO official said.

To ensure uniform implementation of laws, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been put in place. These SOPs require enforcement teams to record and preserve evidence of vehicles without registration numbers by taking photos or videos.

Furthermore, enforcement teams must also prepare a daily report of vehicles fined or impounded and send it to the control room.

Additionally, a fortnightly report of all vehicle challans/impounds, along with their respective Supplier Dealers, shall be presented to RTO/ARTO. This report can then be used to take action against the dealers, which may include forfeiture of their security deposits.

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