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And when the seasons change

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By: Mohammad Hussain Khan

We all have felt the drained vitality that comes when we are going into a meeting with a nay-sayer who criticizes every idea on the table.

While these may seem like no brainers on the scale of the negative to positive energies in a work place but a deep down attitude has a significant impact on a work place including morale, and productivity levels.

Frustrating commute can put a kind and even keeled person in a bad mood. A negative attitude has the potential to permeate a workplace and drag everyone down with it. A negative attitude does not just put others in a bad mood but has also a measurable impact on how an office functions.

Negativity can breed contempt and create an environment where there is no incentive to try, colleagues do not trust one another and people strive to get through the day rather than thrive, succeed and take initiative.

When there are positive attitudes in a workplace, there is a feeling that anything can be accomplished. Colleagues support each other, work in tandem and a host of other positive outcomes materialize such as greater probability of collaboration and teamwork.

A government servant is an important member of society. His life is devoted to the welfare of society. It is he who ensures the benefits of government, Public and other government servants i.e. his colleagues.

But it is a matter of concern that government servant is maltreating another government servant by his negative attitudes which can cause great erosion in the professional ethics of the whole department where he is posted.

When a government servant incharge of any section proposes for any decision haphazardly it may definitely have adverse affects on the career of others. Such type of negativity leads to emotional exhaustion.

Although my tone is sorrowful yet determined, I do not expect my colleagues to cartwheel to their desks in the morning and also do not want to let a doom and gloom attitude take over.

Let me speak as speech carries more value than the currency note. It can promote friendship as well as differences. Soft spoken with negative mentality cannot be counted as nobility (sharafat). But true nobility comprises of traits that individuals of that genuine nature can acquire without exception.

Selflessness, chivalry and bravery are qualities that I consider to be true nobility. Just as you cannot oblige everybody and similarly you cannot speak every time obligingly. Let me remind you why seasons change.

It is time to acknowledge that stagnation is blemish. Change is must and it will be enough to rekindle the embers of hope. Let you embrace the change as summer time has already begun the flowers are in full bloom, the grass is growing and the trees are starting to bud.

All around us, there are signs of planetary change. Can you say something regarding the movement of office files in right direction at you workplace. Are you ready to implement structural changes that will modernize, simplify and enhance the current process? If you say “no” you want to think about the consequences for you own.

Are you ready to move up? Stagnation is detrimental. Even so, inaction depletes mental vitality in the same way that iron rusts from inactivity and water loses its purity from stasis. You are well aware of the fact that in the winter, stagnant water on the ground freezes and becomes slick.

In the summer it serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and an outbreak may occur. Seasons change, but have your system kept up. To improve is to change and measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

I would like to end with this Urdu couplet

“Koie Aahat, koie Jumbish, koie dastak nahi milti,

Hamaray dashtwairan maibad di-fursat ka moosum hai”

(There is no moaning, no movement, no knocking, in our desolate desert it is a season of great leisure)

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