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From struggle to success, Youtuber comes a long way to entertain people

From struggle to success, Youtuber comes a long way to entertain people
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By: Muhammad Adnan

Srinagar: Two years ago, Yawar Wani from HMT in Srinagar outskirts uploaded his maiden video on YouTube with no expectation that it would catch a huge response to a level that would make him a household name.

He uploaded his first video in 2021 only to watch the reactions of viewers. Least he knew that he would become a Vlogger to have 100K views of his video.

“I was surprised to see the response which was totally unexpected. I was given so much love and support which encouraged me to upload my videos on youtube and  instagram,” he said.

This was the moment when Yawar made his mind to turn towards social media and there was no looking back.

“I felt good that people loved me so much and supported me for making short videos,” he said.

For Yawar, making people happy and to make them wear a smile on their faces, gives him peace and satisfaction.

“It makes me happy to see how people respond to my videos, my actions are loved and people get entertained,” he said.

Besides being a Vlogger, Yawar is also a good singer and few of his singing videos have crossed one million views as well.

The social media influencer expressed that it feels great to witness one million views for a vlog.

“I feel empowered with such a response and it motivates me to do more for my viewers and the people who love me for doing it,” he said.

Earlier, a second thought would always hit Yawar’s mind to give up this but he tried to continue showing his talent till he was completely into it.

“Basically, at an earlier stage you don’t know how people will react to your videos or how they will judge you. At some point of time my own friends and relatives used to troll me but that made me stronger and I decided not to quit,” Yawar Wani said.

“My friends and relatives had an impression that uploading videos on the internet was not Vlogging but an act of waywardness,” he said.

Yawar attributes his success to her mother saying that she was always there to support him.

“The journey was not easy but my mother always motivated me not to give up. And now I realise that whatever I faced had a lesson in itself,” he said.

On negative comments and trolling by friends and relatives, Yawar says that a social media influencer must have patience to digest the negative remarks but encourage himself with the positive responses.

“We should always spread positivity and believe in it,” he said.

While Yawar Wani is often seen in his new videos on social media platforms, he however vouches to balance his professional and personal life.

“No doubt I spend a lot of time making my videos and sharing them on social media but at the same time I give time to my family as well,” he said.

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