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And life moves on

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By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Sometimes, I used to think that the world would not work without me. Everything would look dull. My presence would be felt everywhere. There would be a void. Streets and roads would look deserted.

However, I was wrong. I couldn’t grasp the reality that life moves on. It doesn’t stop for anyone.  It is like a fast moving train. Passengers get on as well as get off at their respective stations. But the train moves with its own pace along the path, without caring for anyone. Today, I have begun to learn some complicated lessons of the immortal life.

Kings, politicians and nobles had thought that without them, the world would be barren.  In place of flowers, thorns would emerge. The gushing waters of the singing rivers would be still. The soothing chirping of the colourful birds would not be heard anymore. But the truth is that all this didn’t happen. They left the world empty-handed. The world is going on with its usual pace.  It is the men who have got off from this world.

As mentioned earlier, there are some lessons that I have learnt in this temporary life. In the coming lines, I will discuss some of them.

The first is the temporary nature of life. People take birth and die. It is a constant cycle.  It has no end in the near future.  Billions of people took birth and died. They were replaced by other people.  It shows the transitory nature of life.

The second is life is a God-given gift. Yes, it is a universal fact that this life is a precious gift from God. It is up to Him to decide. We are merely slaves. We are at the mercy of the great Master. His will prevails and we have to surrender. It means that God is the Decider of everything.  His planning is to introduce different people to this world and teach them a lesson. So, the Decider knows how it actually works and for us, life moves on.

The third and last is taste. Living here for some time and going to some unknown world, has its own taste. In this beautiful world,  enjoying some moments of happiness and despair, a man eventually passes on to the world of uncertainty. The world where everything will be unique. Grudges will be unheard there.

In short, life is all about living. It is the mixture of both union and separation. Doing something for oneself and others is something fruitful.  Leaving behind some memorable moments is all we possess. Overall, life moves on. It doesn’t stop for anybody.

(The author hails from Hajibagh, Budgam)

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