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Women’s empowerment: Need of the hour

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By: Dar Saniya Zehra

Women empowerment refers to make women powerful, to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Women have suffered a lot through the years. In the past, they were treated as non-existent, as if all the rights were the monopoly of men. They had no say in their day to day lives. However, with the changing times, women have realized their powers. They have become aware of their rights and are striving for these.

In India too, women have been denied their rights for a long time. They had no say in their daily lives. They were subjected to the harshest treatment. Discriminations based on caste, gender, education, etc were common.

However, now the situation has changed a lot. Women are occupying the highest positions in the government. They are world class entrepreneurs. In education too, they are proving their mettle. They have written well-researched books. In social work, they are at the forefront.  But there is a still long way to go.

Women empowerment has many benefits. It gives an opportunity to women to work for the development of their country. They can utilize their brains in constructive purposes. From catering to the needs of their children, they can prove fruitful in top echelons of the government and in management.

From building peaceful homes, they can take the responsibility of making a peaceful country. They can prove beneficial in higher education departments as well.  If they are given liberty, they can eradicate many social evils that have occupied the every part of the world. They can fight against female infanticide, child marriage and other types of evils.

Moreover, they can mobilize public opinion. They can help in shunning prejudices against women. It is they who can create a conducive environment if they are given their rights in the right manner. At local level, they can become economically independent. Small helping groups can help them to become economically viable. For political development, they can educate other women about their rights and duties.

Last but not least, in religious affairs, they can be perfect examples to teach other women the minuteness of religions. Women’s religious issues can be solved by women scholars in the best possible way.

To achieve this, public as well as the government have to come forward.  Instead of wasting resources in futile pursuits, resources can be spent in developing women in every manner.  Prejudices must be shunned.  Women must be taken as human beings, with human soul. Education must be imparted in such a manner that women empowerment must be the order of the day.

(The author is a student from Army Goodwill School Hanjik, Shariefabad)

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