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Reflecting improvement

Reflecting improvement
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Various sectors have shown some improvement since the past two years as some key deficiencies in various departments were addressed to ensure progress and growth. One such sector is the health care sector that has emerged as the leading performer in terms of incremental performance. This achievement by the health sector has even been confirmed by the NITI Aayog in its fourth Health Index report.

Among Union Territories, Delhi followed by Jammu & Kashmir, had shown the best incremental performance. In incremental performance, J&K ranked at number second position with a score of 9.55.

Most of the indicators in Jammu and Kashmir are in the improved, most improved or fully achieved category so far as the Incremental Performance from the Base Year (2018-19) to Reference Year (2019-20) is concerned.

The healthcare sector has been under tremendous stress since the past two years now. Due to the emergence of covid-19 pandemic and related issues all the health care institutions in the region were full to the capacity when the pandemic spread its tentacles across the UT.

However, the sector managed to upgrade its growth trajectory with constant improvements in performance and delivery of services. The invariable improvements managed the health care sector to earn applaud from the NITI Aayog.

Notably, the NITI Aayog rating is a robust and acceptable mechanism which is offered to various institutions after fulfilling lot of criteria’s.  The data is collected online through a portal maintained by NITI on agreed indicators. The data is then validated through an independent validation agency selected through a transparent bidding process. The importance of this annual tool is reemphasized by MoHFW’s decision to link the index to incentives under National Health Mission.

The health index comprises three domains –health outcomes, governance and information, and key inputs and processes. In terms of overall health performance, the UT of J&K has moved one position up and is categorized as an aspirant and has substantial scope for improvement.

Pertinently, the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir has shown a record improvement in last three years in key Maternal and Child health indicators as per the latest report of National Family Healthy Survey (NFHS-5) conducted by International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai.

JK has recorded 22 points decrease in Neonatal  Mortality Rate (NNMR) from 23.1 to 9.8, 16 points decrease in Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) from 32.4 to 16.3 and 19 points decrease in Under Five Mortality Rate (U5MR) from 37.6 to 18.5, which is unprecedented and is the reflection of health status of general population.

Besides, the NITI Aayog report also indicated a positive change towards the girl child in Jammu & Kashmir and recorded improvement in Sex Ratio at birth from 923 to 976 females per1000 males.

These parameters though quite encouraging should now onwards be maintained and a constant effort should be ensured so that more improvements are recorded.

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