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Merciless winter

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By: Mushtaq Hurrah

You can’t be so callous,

O winter!

Greens, flowers, woods

Are all dead

Empty nests and

Mute chirping chitters

Are enough to prove

Your brutality

The blood is frozen

The tongue is mute

The hands are numb

The eyes are moist

A brood of chicken

Is cursing you

For snatching

Its silver cord

Hapless men

In their torpid hands

Are carrying

The coffin of the spring

Bumblebees are singing

The sad songs

The Narcissus

Is half dead

Chilly winds

Have enslaved

The earth

The sun is behind

The horrible clouds

Pointed icicles are looking

Extremely murderous

Than deadly daggers

Poisonous frost

Has devoid the flora

Of glimmering greenery

Amid this bone-chilling cold

An insane looking

Daring fellow

Has taken a pledge

To bring back

The spring

From the distant cemetery

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