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Maintaining the sanctity

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Faheem Ul Islam
Every time when we look towards the progress and the prosperity of the society, the only name and the profession which came under the river of thoughts is that of a Teacher. Time has witnessed the great changes and revolutions with the passage of time which led to the emergence of civilized societies.
Teacher is not only the name of proud and eternal fragrance but the noble cause and profession which has molded the uncivilized and inhumane societies into the well and proud one.
Teachers have the ability to shape leaders of the future in the best way for society to build positive and inspired future generations and therefore design society, both on a local and global scale.
In reality, teachers have the most important job in the world. Those who have an impact on the children of society have the power to change lives. Not just for those children themselves, but for the lives of all. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are that critical point that makes a child ready for their future.
The last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, He was chosen by Allah to teach people about morality, righteousness, and to worship Allah alone. As a teacher, the Prophet (PBUH) himself cultivated his companions and taught them in a way that the entire of Arab peninsula changed over the span of just twenty-three years.
After the first moral institution of Family where parents take care of all responsibilities and moral values of their wards with optimum care, schools are the second main pillars and the base for the better future of the society. And when we look towards the role of the teacher we can’t even express the noble cause by our words.
Teaching profession is the profession of prophets. The teaching profession is a demanding one. It requires long hours and hard work. But it is also a very rewarding profession. A good teacher can make a huge difference in the lives of his or her students.
A teacher has the power to change the destiny of a nation. A good teacher can inspire and motivate his or her students to do great things. A good teacher can instill in his or her students a love for learning and a passion for excellence.
Teaching is hope for better, more successful futures. Learning is hope for becoming better individuals, for gaining intelligence, and for implementing practical experiences in our future. Since we always tell our children that they should plan for their futures and work to realize those goals, the teaching profession should “practice what it preaches” by helping young people to reach those goals.
The teacher’s role is described beyond teaching. They are more than an educator and are counselors, mentors, role models, external parents, and so on to a student.
As we all know that the person who teaches is a teacher, a man of obedience and respect. Teachers are some of the most influential people in society and have great importance in modern society. Teachers bear the responsibility of molding the personalities of students and educating them.
Teachers are considered the most honoured persons in every religion. Due to the important role of teachers, Islam has granted a high status and rights to teachers. Islam has paid great attention to teachers for their being the first brick in the structure of social development and perfection and the cause of guiding and developing the behaviour and mentality of individuals and communities. We can understand the highest rank of teachers from the Quote of Ali (RA) in which He stated that:
“If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime”.
The above discussion clearifies the importance and the role of the teacher in the society. But when we came to know the present scenario of this noble teaching profession the heart cries and aches with pain.
On one side where the teacher is considered as the guardian of the legacy of nations, on the other side the blurry image is being carried out. The person who was considered the most pious and the noble creature is now the victim of inhumane character. The cases which revealed the dark side of the teacher is heart wrenching.
Some days back a principal of the school has been arrested in the case of harassment, and many more others at different places whether coaching or other teaching institution image is being messed up with doings of some irresponsible teachers. How can we expect a better future and security within the hands of such teachers who are blot on this noble profession?
Teachers must play the role of responsible citizen as well as the guardian of divine script. So finally, I would request everyone to be responsible in every aspect to take better steps for the bright future. We all should respect teachers and at the same time should eradicate the ill minded inhumane characters embedded in this noble profession.
(The author is a writer and a public speaker. He is a student of AMU)


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