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ICDS supervisors demand their pending salary, promotion

ICDS supervisors demand their pending salary, promotion
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Srinagar: Scores of ICDS employees including supervisors on Saturday said they were without salaries for the last several months.
The supervisors while talking to Kashmir Vision said that they are working for various job rules from PMMVY Programme to Poshan Abhiyan Programmes and disbursement of honorarium to procurement of Nutrition, but are deprived of their monthly salaries for unknown reasons.
“We are always on the forefront to accomplish any assignments assigned to us but we are subjected to mental depression as our salaries are withheld for the last many months,” the Supervisors said.
They said they are kept on single post and do not get any promotion as well.
“We take all the assignments with dedication which was proved by disbursement of Honorarium through PMFS mode which was a totally new concept to us. But we completed the task of disbursement of honorarium to AWWS/AWHs in a stimulated time period,” he said.
They said that the ICDS Supervisors across J&K are facing immense hardships as they are without salary for the last five months despite.
“Our families are facing a lot of hardships as we are not able to meet both ends. It discourages us and puts a big question mark on the concerned authorities,” they said.
They said they face stagnation as there is no scope for their promotion in the department. “We join as supervisors and retire at the same post. Our rights of promotion are being marred by the other wings of the Social Welfare Department. Supervisors are not being promoted the way they deserve and the irony is that the TSWO’s, Craft Teachers and others are provided the chance of promotion in multiple ways and there is a step–motherly approach for supervisors in terms of promotion aspects,” they said.
They said supervisors face humiliations at the hands of Councilors, Panchs and Sarpanches, who even do not have full knowledge of the ICDS schemes.
“They often force us and humiliate us. There need to have a proper procedure to be followed by these PRI’s for proper service and financial coordination with the supervisors, procurement policy for procurement of nutrition may be amended from Panchayat level to block level so that disbursement of allotted funds will be disbursed at proper time,” they said.
They said supervisors are being sent to attend meetings at remote places without any TA and DA.
“We do not have any objection to rendering our services in any corners but at least there should be some facilities or TA for such remote services like other departments,” they said.
They said they have an additional load of domestic violence cases without any training and proper proceedings that hampers their routine work and there must be 10+ 2 Grade Pay to PG and Doctorate holder supervisors to honour their posts and qualifications.
“Same is being provided to the same posts in other departments,” they said.
They said they brought their grievances into the notice of authorities but nothing has been done on ground.
They urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter at an earliest and take steps immediately so that they won’t face any problems in future.



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