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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi
My dear in the story of our life, some characters will bully you, will stab you from behind, and they will make fun of you, laugh at you, but that doesn’t mean that they can ruin your story……that they can erase your story, my friend don’t forget that it’s your story, and you have added those characters in it just to let readers know what life and it’s struggle is. You cannot let such characters decide what you should write in the next chapters of your life, rather you can decide what those characters shall do in every chapter because the pen is in your hands.
Sporadically, you think these characters are real, but the truth is they are living in a story, they exist in your story because you have allowed them, don’t let them block your roads and don’t erase them because they are creating the curiosity, and curiosity compels reader to stick to what you have written.
Let them bark, let them talk behind you, let them do whatever they want but do not let them hold the pen, keep them away from your mighty pen. Your readers want to read how you will take revenge, they are expecting the unexpected and unique revenge? Write everything, write how your feelings were hurt, write how your heart was broken into pieces. My friend, write and describe the pain that you felt, do not stop the pen. Keep writing your story.
Once you release the pen from your hands, those characters will hold and start writing your story according to them and as a result you will be crushed, murdered, and you will be described as a looser and as a loser in your story. My friend, do not take those who bully you seriously because they are jealous, they do not want you to keep progressing. Let me tell you what, the best feeling in the world is when you keep burning the Jealous ones, burn them until they fall down and kneel in front of you.
Some characters will body-shame you as well, If you want to avoid it, then you have to write your story and present yourself superior in it, plan, take revenge and believe me their faces will be spectacular. All you have to do is to avoid such characters, burn the shyness, be a man, get out of your room and stand on your legs to face the criticism, bullying, body-shaming and many more challenges. The day you will learn to eradicate the fear, alleviate the shyness, is the day you will learn to keep your haters under your feet. Let people bully you, they will throw stones at you but you have got to catch those stones and build your emperor, throw vivid flowers at them so that they can wake up and smell your success
Write that how you faced the challenges
Write that how deadly the pain of wounds were
Write that how hazardous the fear and shyness was
Write that how you ruled and write that how you became successful in the story of your life
Write everything, do not forget even a single memory because forgetting means losing but forgive because forgiving means victory.
It’s not that you have to describe your haters as weak individuals but in some chapters, you have to describe how powerful they are and you have to describe how they barge you to give up. It’s not that you have to describe yourself in your story as smart, intelligent etc all the time, nope! All you have to do is to describe how vile and how ruthlessly you let them crush you under their feet during the foundation days of your building.
A child recognises his mother right after his birth but after a deep introspection that kid starts to adjust himself among others as well during this the kid out of innocence believes that everyone loves him but later on when the kid doesn’t seek a prop in others and do not fear in a nutshell when the kid gets mature he understands that the love he was expecting, in Maturity usually stays absent.
Maturity starts so does the changes, change in love, change in support, change in people, change in vision, change in abstractions, change in friendship and so many changes occurs that I can’t even mention them because if I mention them I could publish a whole book with the title of “The Changes” so I’m keeping everything simple, clear and easy to understand.
Anyways, I mention the above things just to let you despondent people know what shall you write in the diary of your thoughts and it might be kinda motivational for despondent and devastated plus introverted people who are scared of those changes that occur around them.
People will stab you but when you are aware that you have added them in your story then you won’t give up no matter how powerful they are also the power they have is given by you it’s all about you, you decide how much power you shall give them but in the end you have to get victory that’s compulsory. So my friend don’t get discouraged by people who happen to hurt you, stab you from behind, underestimate you, abuse you. They are like barking dogs and those dogs who bark a lot usually don’t bite. So stay calm and chill live the movement but most importantly keep the pen in your hands because “The Pen is Mightier Than Sword”
“Let the dogs bark on the streets and on seashore
You are the lion they will vanish when they hear your roar”
(The author is a student and hails from Ganderbal)



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