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Choosing the right path

Choosing the right path
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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi
On every step of your life, you will find distraction. A good life is a destination which has many tracks but on every way towards it you will find distractions. If you are doing any social work then society might become a distraction sometimes. Society won’t allow you to do something good for them because they might become jealous and as a result they distract you.
If you are a student and you are not able to study well then my friend you are being distracted either by the company you are in or by your own routine. Students and that too in teen age should pay attention towards themselves because it’s the age in which a person finds himself/herself in a situation where he/ she is able to see all those ways but the problem is that the right paths seem disgusting and boring to the teenage person and the wrong paths seem full of entertainment.
But if you have got a genuine company then you would never become confused about taking the path because one rotten apple destroys a whole box of apples. That’s why you should be smart in making friends and that’s how you will take a path smartly, automatically. In ancient times distractions were not that much visible but nowadays there are heaps of distractions from birth to death a person has to deal with all these hindrances.
Mobile phones were invented for the betterment of society but when these mobile phones came in the hands of nymphomaniac individuals it became a threat, which means mobile phones are also the devices of distractions. The porn, being presented in mobile phones ruins student’s life.
The world we live in has different meanings, different people look at the world in different perspectives. It has been described as the web of a spider. Desires and always wishing to get more than any other person is also a distraction.
If you keep thinking about your neighbor who is gaining success then you would probably do nothing. Jealousy might kill you. I’m telling you it’s a distraction that is not letting you take the right path, rather it’s compelling you to walk on the path towards destruction! If a person is not smart nowadays then the person is dead, being smart is necessary.
Teenage students find smoking a cool habit, escaping from school makes them heroes among fellow mates, and talking more abusive words than religious words is tempting for them. Ragging others is fun, watching porn makes them feel good, side talking in classrooms, teasing teachers, annoying girls, all these activities are on the wrong paths, yet it seems interesting in teenage but my dear friends it’s not good in any way.
Smoking cannot make you look cool rather it will take you a step further towards diseases and illness. Escaping from school does not making you are a hero but it makes you the victims of illiteracy and we are aware about what is happening with illiterate people nowadays, and you think speaking ill words is tempting…. no my brother’s it’s not tempting at all.
Ragging others is not fun, it’s a sin and it means you were born in an uncultured family in the eyes of your victims. Teasing teachers doesn’t give you respect it just breaks teachers heart and as a result a teacher has to either beat you or let Allah decide what should be done to you.
Being a roadside Romeo shows your character and it also shows how your parents have raised you. So when you annoy girls it means the same is being pursued in your family. You are just disrespecting the parents. All these things a person thinks in teenage is misconception and obviously all these activities are distractions and are hindrances that cease you to touch the sky!
Being in teenage means you are becoming mature enough to realise what’s wrong and what’s right, and if you have read this then you have came to know at least some of the misconceptions and distractions of teenage.
As a columnist it is my duty to notice everything happening around me and write opinions. I saw all this that I mentioned above happening even though I was also involved in these activities means, I was also distracted but now Alhamdulillah, I realised and noticed those distractions and eradicated them!
If you want to change your life then you have to change your routine, habits, company and all that like I did. As I wrote in the beginning, life is a destination which has many ways, some are right and some are wrong, wrong ones seem tempting in vision and right ones seem boring.
Now let me tell you how to realise the right ones. First of all you need to practice ‘Aparigraha’ which means you need to eradicate greed because greed increases your desires and desires avoids you to stay “Santosha” in a nutshell.
For a better life you can study and practice 8 limbs of yoga, there is a lot to learn from 8 limbs of it. However, more than that you have to avoid the rotten company, you have to change your routine if there is something that you think is a hindrance than you have to eliminate that thing in your routine. Follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).
Clean your vision
Read, and make smart friends smartly. Give up on your bad habits. Understand that respect is precious and expensive so learn to give respect because that’s the only way to get respect. Listen to elders, stay ‘Down To Earth’, be serious. Mobile phones should be controlled by, but don’t let mobile phones control you. Focus on your life and build your career. Become mature and grow up. That’s how you will avoid distractions and become a responsible and respected personality.
Don’t get distracted find the right track. Once you eradicate all the distractions, then you will reach your destination and the destination is a good and successful life!
(The author is a columnist and hails from Ganderbal)

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