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Presence of wild animals creates scare in south Kashmir villages

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Wildlife officials seek public cooperation

Pulwama: The presence of wildlife animals in different areas of south Kashmir has created panic among masses, reports said.
The frightened residents have appealed to the authorities to capture the wild animals to avoid any untoward incident in the locality.
Locals from Nikloora, Niloora, Chakoora, Panzgam, Tahab and adjacent areas in Pulwama district besides Heff, Shirmal and Aglar areas of Shopian district said that spotting of wild animals in these areas have created panic among the population.
“People in these areas do not dare to venture out in their orchards and farm lands after wild animals were spotted in the area,” Ali Mohammad, a resident of Litter area of Pulwama said.
He said that recently five persons were injured by a bear in Tahab area of the district.
“One bear was captured by the authorities but still many more bears are roaming in the area,” he said.
The residents acknowledged that a team from the wildlife department had been on job in the area for the last several days.
“But they are yet to taste success in capturing the wild animals roaming in these areas,” the locals said.
People of these areas have appealed to authorities to capture the wild animals roaming in the area so that locals can heave a sigh of relief.
Meanwhile, an official of wildlife department said that it is breading time for these wild animals and due to recent rains and snow in forests, they have made their way into residential areas in search of food.
“We urge people to avoid moving alone in the morning and evening hours and movement of children and women must be restricted as well,” he said.
He said the residents should not disturb the team deployed in their areas and cooperate with them as well.
“It will help to capture these animals at an earliest and people can carry out normal activities with ease,” he said.



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