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Transforming rural economy

Transforming rural economy
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Many rural areas across Jammu and Kashmir have always been demanding various services for their development and betterment of the inhabitants. These services including the basic ones that we need for survival also incorporate availability of banking and financial services as well.
Most of the regions that are far off have been demanding banks and related financial services at their door step so that they too could avail the benefits these services offer. But given the present setup and the demand establishing banks in every nook and corner is not the right option as it involves lot of costs and commitments as well.
Therefore, to address the needs of the people and to promote door to door digital banking and financial services in remote areas of Jammu Kashmir, J&K Rural Livelihood Mission (JKRLM) has trained 125 women from Self Help Groups as DIGI-Pay Sakhis in 2000 villages under Mission ‘One Gram Panchayat-One DIGI-Pay Sakhi.
The initiative are proving ground breaking steps to transform the lives of women especially those living in rural areas by engaging them in gainful livelihood interventions. The DIGI-Pay Sakhi has introduced financial inclusion within the UT’s Self Help Group (SHG) ecosystem creating much needed financial access points with greater transparency even in remotest of the areas.
Apart from depositing money, the village population can also avail the benefits of additional banking and financial services such as Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana, registration of Kisan Credit Card. Besides, several other benefits can also be availed.
By providing financial solutions to the people in far off areas, the most neglegted segment of the society that is women, can emerge as one of the prime beneficiaries as they can involve in all these schemes and get the men folk involved as well.
The three new initiatives of Digi-Pay, Krishi Sakhi and Pashu Sakhi besides several other programs of women empowerment such as Hausla, Tejaswini, UMEED, Rise Together will further supplement the efforts of the government in empowering women and making them a key partner in UT’s development journey.
Besides, with increasing female literacy rate, enhanced access to quality education, encouraging more and more women to become entrepreneurs and providing financial support for the uplift of women, Jammu and Kashmir can emerge as lead region I ensuring women empowerment.
Notably, the Digi-Pay Sakhis can also play a key role in giving wings to the dreams of rural women in becoming independent and progressive women and help achieve many a milestones in shaping the rural economy.
The availability of financial services in rural areas can also help the rural masses to connect with global e-commerce platforms thus increasing their participation in the trade segments that they have never so far imagined.

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