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Villages falling along ‘Ring Road’ are no construction zones

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Budgam: Dozens of Villages falling along ring road have been declared as no construction zone within 500 meters on both sides of Ring road from Galandhar to Ganderbal, officials said.
An order issued in this regard said that this is for the information of general public and the agencies intending to erect any building or structure within 500 metres of the under-construction Ring Road from Gallandhar to Ganderbal in Phase I and Phase-II shall not be allowed to carry out any construction.
“Whereas; J&K has a limited land resource available for urbanization and development activities warranting a new growth strategy driven by its social, economic, geographical and climatic factors. Since the new developments in suburbs are happening in areas having higher vulnerability to floods, earthquakes, etc and the unabated urban sprawl is constantly devouring limited prime agricultural lands, ecological resources, wetlands and water bodies leading to socio-economic, environmental and livelihood challenges. As such, there is a need for restructuring the existing urban planning and development process by introducing the planning tools which will usher into a new era of planned and sustainable development of the city,” the order reads.
“Whereas, there is a growing consciousness that urban planning should be self financing with minimum burden on local authorities or the Government in terms of land acquisition. In this direction, land Pooling and Plot Re-adjustment scheme is a very effective tool which has been successfully used by the progressive states in India. Land pooling is emerging as a long-term urban development strategy to ensure the availability of serviced urban land for controlled target-oriented outcome based urban growth. The scheme is a “win-win” proposition in which landowners receive serviced land with incremented value and the development agency controls haphazard fringe development and promotes planned urban growth,” the order said.
The order reads that, “Whereas; the Government of Jammu & Kashmir having realized the importance of this planning tool, has decided to prepare TP schemes for the areas within 500 metres around the upcoming Srinagar Ring Road from Gallandhar to Ganderbal. In this connection, a Divisional Level Steering Committee headed by Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has been constituted by the Government vide Government Order No: 328-JK(GAD) of 2022 Dated: 28 03-2022 mandated to prepare and implement the Town Planning Schemes (TPS) on both sides of the upcoming Ring Road or in greenfield areas or listed TPS areas envisaged in the Master Plan Srinagar-2035.”
It states that “Whereas; for efficient community driven land management along both sides of the Ring Road, the formulation of Town Planning Schemes is a viable way forward for planned and sustainable development of transitional areas which will undergo rapid and extensive transformation after the completion of this corridor. With an average size of 200 Ha, about 30 TP Schemes are proposed to be prepared on both sides of the Ring Road for a distance of 500 meters from its edge.”
The order reads that now, in the interest of planned development, harnessing the potential of the upcoming Ring Road for creating better infrastructure and job opportunities, I, Pandurang K. Pole (IAS), Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir as Chairman of the Committee constituted vide Government Order: 328-JK(GAD) of 2022 dated 28.03.2022 issues a notification under section 5 of the J&K Town Planning Act 1963 which reads as under:
“That in respect of areas falling within 500 metres from the boundary of under construction Ring Road from Gallandhar to Ganderbal, the Government of J&K intends to prepare the Town Planning Schemes (TPS) u/s (7) of the o J&K Town Planning Act 1963 on its both sides for its orderly and planned development,” the order states.
It says, that accordingly, a notice u/s (10) of the J&K Town Planning Act 1963 is given that no person shall, within the area of 500 metres from the boundary of Ring Road, erect or proceed with any building or work on, or enter into or carry out a contract in respect of land within the area so notified for the TP Schemes for a period of two years or till the formulation of TP Schemes for the area whichever is earlier. Accordingly, moratorium is placed on the sale and purchase of the land within the area of 500 metres from the boundary of Ring Road and where the erection of any building or structure is carried out by any person or an agency both private and government, the building or structure so raised or under construction shall be liable for demolition under Section 13 of the J&K Town Planning Act 1963.
The Villages falling along the road, to which above regulation applies are: “Rambirgarh village of district Srinagar and Sarai Dangerpra of Bandipora district. Pratabgarh, Rabitar, Gundi Roshan and Shalibugh village of district Ganderbal. In Pulwama district these villages are Kadlabal, Kandizal, Khadermoh, Nehama and Hunipora. In Budgam district following Villages fall under no construction zone within 500 meters; Choon, Gariend Kalan, Juhama, Kamalupora, Nagrad Khah, Zooribagh, Bagi Buchroo, Mahawara, Patwaw, Thokerpora, Chattergam, Khanda, Lakhripora, Panzan, Suthoo Kallan, Zoonipora, Gudsathoo, Jawaharpora, Kakanmarn, Lalgam, Sozaith, Goripora, Warasangam, Buchroo, Budgam, Buggam Batapora, Ganji Bagh, Gariend Khurd, Gundi Khalil, Lalgund, Pymus, Wathoora, Gotapora Narbal, Ichikoot, Narbal, Rakhi Shalina, Sanzipora, Razwan, Daharmuna, Gundi Kuzweera, Ichigam, Pallar, Waterwani, Mamath, Rakhi Arath and Surad.”. (KNO)


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