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Sahil Manzoor
Today, the world is advanced enough in the field of innovations, technology, and so on. With the passage of time the population graph in the world increases. Increase in the populations is directly proportional to the increase in day to day demands. This demand increase starts from a needle to giant space rockets, a toy to large water ships.
We are living in an advanced era, where we are quite curious about inventions and technology. Throughout the world every leader talks about his/her country’s atomic power, talks about its space crafts, war tanks and several other weapons. ‘’men power” It hardly gets an appearance in the media.
Every single person knows the importance of technology. Great scientists have laced the world with great, useful, wonder technology. Today we are able to know the moments of our internal body organs, we are able to know how long the network of our vessels in our body is.
Innovations are neither myths nor lies. Behind every single innovation, there is a human mind, which collects, experiences, notices the happening around him/her and tries to resolve the difficulties faced by the world. It’s being circulated on the television screen about new technologies, how countries are making their will in the field of technology.
Space rockets, water ships and every country in the world is improving their science and technology sector for the upliftment of their country and wants to be powerful among the other countries. It is fortuitous that the science and technology sector in most of the countries are encouraging youths, motivating them, catering them scholarships, introducing fellowship programmes, attracting them towards science and technology.
It is well said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Today in this article I am going to explore the inspire award MANAK. Our existing generation is wholly and solely involved with the technology experiencing bizarre things and there are attractions that they are getting so involved into this.
Every invention has its own interesting story and fact as well, then it appears in front of the world. We know and we believe that our generation is full of potential and are possessing quite intelligent brains. I will let you know how you can contribute to mankind, how you can troubleshoot the difficulties, problems faced by the dears and nears. So let’s get started knowing about the MANAK awards and how you can forward our innovative ideas to the Department of Science and Technology (DST).
All the educational institutes throughout the country have a legitimate right and it is also mandatory to take part in the inspire awards MANAK programmes and forward their innovative ideas of their students to the Department of Science and Technology India. Schools, government and private, need to approach their concerned DIET’s (District Institute of Education and Training), and they will collect information on how to go through the whole process.
The inspire awards-MANAK (Millions Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge) briefs as: The inspire award is being executed by the DST (Department of Science and Technology) collaborations with National Innovation Foundation of India (NIF) is an autonomous body of DST aims to motivate students in the age group of 10-15 years and studying in class 6TH to 10th.
How to conduct idea competition in schools. One more interesting thing is that the selected students gets a cash reward of Rs10, 000 (ten thousand only). School HOI’s (Head of the institutes) select a computer known teacher as teacher in-charge of inspire awards in their respective schools, the in-charge teachers looks after the whole process throughout the year. The teacher in-charge inspire awards MANAK should notice the following points: Keep in touch with the district authority (concerned diet).
1. Conduct an idea competition in the schools, before the stipulated date of inspire awards nominations announced by the DST.
2. Select innovative/ modifying ideas from the students. 5 (five) students from middle school and 2 (two) students from secondary school.
3. Collect the details of the nominated students, like their bank details, Aadhaar details, kindly mention the name of the student, appear in the bank pass book and account execution must be in- dependable.
4. Search on Google as “ www.dst.gov.in” or simply search for inspire awards.
5. Login as school authority considers the credentials provided by the District Authority.
6. In word format write the write-ups of the student, and insert a rough diagram picture of the idea of the student, then forwarded to the District Authority.
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