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Differing views on Covid-19

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Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah
The spine-chilling infallibility about COVID-19 is still pseudonymous to us. The whole world is now becoming hoodooed victims of this deadly disease.
As the positive cases of COVID-19 are burgeoning expeditiously on each successive day in almost every part of the world. Every country is making utmost efforts to cope with this calamity that has tyrannized the whole population.
Offline and online media from every nook and corner of the world is showing their presence to generate awareness about COVID-19, and somehow they have achieved the milestone.
Social media sources have teemed with campaigns and instructions on how to defeat or combat COVID-19. Despite all this, we still don’t have any exact trace or pointer where this disease came from? But we might know an iota about the wellspring of the disease. China, the most powerful country in the world, is itself accepting that the virus has come from ‘Wuhan’ the trading part of China.
In fact, the entire world is considering ‘Wuhan’ as the epicentre of ‘Coronavirus’. Now, the spasmodic turning up of Coronavirus has witnessed a lot of blame-games between the United States of America, China and other countries as well. China is accusing the USA of the spread of the virus.
Whereas, Iran on the other side says Coronavirus is a deadly plot by America and Israel. The accusations, blame games, stupidity are making rounds on social sites. Maybe if this continued then Coronavirus will be in its place and a third world war would emerge.
So, in the wake of this turmoil, we exhilarate our memory and remember the great leader and former Revolutionary Libyan President, Muammar Mohammad Abu Minyar Gaddafi. He delivered a strong and influential speech during his reign and leadership. Gaddafi proclaimed that there are people in the world who are masters in creating death-dealing health problems only to earn money, irrespective of the exigency it poses to human existence.
According to him, “They will create the virus themselves, and they will sell the antidotes afterwards, pretending to take their time to find the solution when they already have it.”
World Health Organization declared COVID-19 Outbreak a Pandemic because it is spreading and killing millions across the globe. So, this is the time to open up a dialogue and work on the thoughts of Gaddafi. We people have been always betrayed and deceived directly or indirectly for the sake of personal benefits.
Maummar al-Gaddafi has always been a great leader and Pan-Africanist as well. He was known to be very protective of the African culture and did his best to preserve its unity, and has never held back on his words when speaking against social ills and evils. So, it is our primitive responsibility to stop the Outbreak known as COVID-19.
We should stop the blame games because this will not satisfy our needs, and we should worry about human existence and their miserable plights instead. No matter if Gaddafi is not with us today, his thoughts are prevailing and still acceptable today. Every country should come forward and get united to fight against COVID-19. God forbid if this is not rooted out early, then we may face one of the worst and unimaginable catastrophes.
“By choosing the wrong way to be right; is not the right way to be right.”

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