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Mega water supply scheme coming up at Khrew: Officials

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Will provide potable water to three upper village of area

Pulwama: A mega water supply scheme is coming up at Khrew area of Pampore in south Kashmir’s Pulwama to provide water to three upper habitations of the area, officials said.
An official of the Public Health Engineering now known as Jal Shakti department said that a three stage lifting scheme is coming up in the area to provide drinking water facilities to Bathan, Baddalav and Bijnari villages of Khrew area.
He added that there is no perennial source of water in these areas so the only option there is to harness ground water but bore wells are not providing adequate water needed to cater to all households.
He said that Bajnari area comprises of 20-25 households settled at an altitude of 2000 meters and no perennial source of water is existing in the area and the only option of having potable water supply is through the exploration of ground water.
The Department of Jal Shakti drilled a deep bore well for the said area in the year 2019-20, however, no viable aquifers (water stores) were constructed, he said.
Subsequently another deep bore well was drilled and a submersible pump motor along with diesel driven generator was installed at the said spot. This bore well is presently the source of water for the Bajnari and have been provided with 2000 Litres plastic tanks and a network of pipes through which water is supplied to households and besides that water tankers are also regularly deployed for the said area.
He said that the tanker service only gets affected during the time of slippery road conditions (during rains or snow).
“Same is case with other two habitations which do not have perennial source of water and bore wells are unable to cater to the whole area,” he added.
“As a long term measure, the Department of Jal Shakti has already framed a proposal of providing adequate quantum of water to the said area as well as two other habitations viz, Batdalav and Bathan from an already explored (drilled) production well at Khrew,” the official added.
He added that this proposal stands already approved and accorded by the Chief Engineer Jal Shakti Kashmir at an estimated cost of Rs 907 Lakhs vide order No CE/PHE/DB/226 of 06/2021 dated 14-06-2021 with three stage lifting.
In this scheme, water shall be lifted from production well of Khrew and shall be stored in a service reservoir meant for Bajnari through a three stage lifting mechanism, he said.
The said scheme is presently under tendering phase and once it will be completed it will provide water for all three habitations in adequate quantity and they won’t face water crisis for around next two to three decades.

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