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Developing sense for values

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Mohammad Hussain Khan
Dear readers, man is the supreme creation of God on this earth. So, he must be enable to realize the self, its relation to his creator and to cultivate religious and moral values etc. He must also prepare himself in terms of heart and mind to prevent the strife and misunderstandings.
But it is really tragic to find that it is the time of moral disruption, social challenges and paradoxes, when everything we value is in danger of being washed away. Therefore, above all we must set our feet on the road to the things that are true, honest, sure, lovely and of good repo.
No wonder that even today one of the most glaring defects of our society is the absence of the accent on the moral and religious values. There is a little place for contemplation on the higher values of life, for meditation on God and people are never illuminated with the sane utterance of the prophets.
As a result, we have lost a sense of values and sense of direction. Our faith in religious and moral values has been shaken. Unrest has become a regular feature in social, educational and political institutions. All genial touch between one faith and another is getting lost. With the result, there is a little mutual affection, understanding, respect and sympathy. The situation is going bad to worse. The whole atmosphere is charged with conspiracies, assaults and disruptive forces.
Whether men on chair, students in colleges or common people at workplaces, there is an urgent need for developing a better sense of values and qualities of persona. A moral life without reference to religion is like a sounding brass, good only for making a noise and breaking heads. We should not be irreligious or anti-religious. We must be positive in approach as far as religious and one’s faith is concerned. Religious and its commands are as necessary as the inhaling of pure air.
Dear readers, religious freedom includes the ability to choose one’s religious attire. Nobody has realm to determine permissibility as it is related with one’s faith. Hijab has remained in news both in India and in most non Muslim countries of the world since long. There is a clarion message for all of them that Hijab, is a faith and not a fashion. It is a sense of security to woman.
As per Islam, it is one of the commandments from “Allah”. Therefore wearing it is an act of faith and obedience to the Creator. Hijab is not just a dress code but in true essence it provides the women both physical and spiritual peace.
It sends a signal to men that the wearer is a modest and subdued. Thus, it is to be noted that a faith religiously mandated cannot be ignored by its believers. Consequently, there is an urgent need for developing a better sense for non Muslim brethren and sisters, politicians and common people so that sentiments of any believer could not be hurt.
Hope good sense prevails for greater good.

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