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Eliminate social evils through morality

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Aubaid Akhoon

‘Stop all kinds of Violence against Women by nourishing your children’s with moral education. We must unite. Violence against women cannot be tolerated, in any form, in any context, in any circumstances. I raise up my voice not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard”

How we develop good morals

We have many responsibilities in the development of positive or good morals. These responsibilities are both collective and individual. Individual responsibilities are first and foremost upon parents, that is also known as the first learning place, whatever children learn from their parents until puberty is also evident in their morals.

Parents should equip their children with the light of moral education as well as conventional education so that they can move forward with moral awareness and join the ranks of righteous children.

In collective responsibility, we need a society where it is imperative to lay the foundation for an environment free from immorality, shamelessness, oppression, murder, unjust bloodshed, bribery and wrongdoing, as the influence of the environment on morality is also felt.

Maulana Rumi saying in Persian is very popular,

“Suhbat e sauleh tura saulah kunad

Suhbat E tauleh tura tauleh kunad”

Meaning “In the companionship of good people man learns good and man learns evil in the company of bad people” so we have a responsibility to choose a society or to provide our future generations a society that is a mirror of high moral values.

An excellent example of this can be seen from the companions of our beloved prophet on whom the beloved Prophet (Pbuh ) worked for more or less than thirteen and a half years, and when they became mature in faith and  morals, the role they played in the triumph of Islam is visible.

The main subject of Qur’anic subjects is moral education. The subject of many verses is the formation of character and the embodiment of morality.

Thus, 6236 verses in the Umm Al-Kitab are related to the ‘Positive Values’ or ‘Negative Values’. But in both cases there is moral education. “The Ethics of the Prophets and the Righteous” is one of the most important topics in the Qur’an.

Allama Iqbal says “Woh Ilm Nahin, Zaher Hai Ahrar Ke Haq Mein

Jis Ilm Ka Hasil Hai Jahan Mein Do Kaf-e-Jo”

Meaning: “That knowledge is a poison for free people, which ends in winning two handfuls of barley” The concept of knowledge is connected with the concept of morality. Knowledge that is only for the sake of the womb, not for the sake of a high standard of living, that is, for the sake of earning a living, is poisonous. The knowledge we seek should be humane, moral, and character-building.

Walking on intellect and consciousness only proves that we are following the Muslim Ummah and the religion of Islam side by side with the community of those who are steadfast in the observance of morals. Good and evil are not hidden things but consciousness is in the nature of man.

The Qur’an describes this fact in other words: فَالَهَمَهَا فُجورَھا وَتقواھاَ  meaning “the human soul has been inspired by Allah to know good and evil’ From this it became clear that human morality is in fact the universal reality that all human beings know and have always known.

In the blessed verse of Surah ‘Al Imran’ purification is given priority and the teaching of the Book is postponed. This shows the extraordinary importance of morality and purification. The second wisdom is that education without purification is like a fruitless tree. It is like a futile endeavor.

Education’s main aim is character building. Even with the addition of knowledge on one’s head, man remains a rude age. Like a termite, licking books is just as bad. Knowledge, which does not lead to moral change and purification of character, is certainly a mental luxury, but it is not productive.

The Prophet (Pbuh ) said: The most perfect believer is the one who is good in morals and is kind to his family. Faith and modesty are intertwined. But today’s era is the era of demolition.  (Replacement of ethics) This era of change of ethics is dark today the effect of modern science is tearing the veil of modesty. If we don’t have integrity, we have nothing. We can’t buy it. We can have all they money in the world, but if we are not a moral and ethical persons, than we really have nothing.

If we don’t have integrity, we have nothing. We can’t buy it. We can have all they money in the world, but if we are not a moral and ethical person, we really have nothing.

گر تو می خواہی مسلماں زیستن

نیست ممکن جز بہ قرآں زیستن

اگر تم مسلمان كى زندگی گزارنا چاہتے ہو تو قرآن كريم كو زندگی کا حصہ بنائے بغير ايسا ممكن نہیں۔

Morality is the best ornament of man. Protect this ornament and represent the true religion in the true sense.

(The author works as Sr Edp Head and Counsellor at DD Target PMT Parraypora)

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