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Homeopathy a complete approach to healthy life

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Dr Ramakant Jagpal
Homeopathy, a branch of medical science not only has the potential to cure a disease but rejuvenate the complete body and aligns the vital forces in the body to revamp holistically. Homeopathy works at a deeper level, as it reaches the vital force or subconscious mind in the mental body as the dynamic force which is achieved through dynamic medicines. Physically the body is the composition of only matter and organ. The intrinsic combination of the elements and organs transforming into a life is a mysterious attribute in itself.
While the formation of consciousness is a mystery to modern science, Homeopathy deals with interaction of energies and healing the consciousness. The aspect of vital force is prioritized in the homeopathy and the Life Force which is a conjugation of energies within the body plays an important role. The symptoms of a disease are due to mismatch of this energy framework and the treatment is directed towards its rejuvenation.
The conventional Allopathy works on doubts and in terms of Functions (heart, Kidney, Liver Functions etc), Structures (condition of bones, lung fibrosis, uterine fibroid etc) and Chemistry (SGOT, SGPT, PSA values, Haematology, ESR, CRP, D Dimer, blood sugar, cancer markers etc), which are known as FSC of the gross body.
Since the conventional medicines reveal the diseases as physical state referring to the purely material realm, physical realm, and the sensorimotor experiences leaving the subtle state of realm like thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams and the animating life energy.
In simple words, the animating energy that brings living things to life is subtle, and the relation between physical mass and energy is one of the fundamental bases of modern science. Homeopathy is based on the same principle where the World is a physical manifestation of unseen energies.
On the contrary, the present-day science divides human beings into fragments. That is why the need arises for specialization and super-specialization, but which yields no promising results.
Even with the fine instruments and dissection procedures, we can’t find the soul and consciousness – The Vital force. Instruments can only help us to reach the depth of gross pathology only. And the human being persona reflected in the mirror is only the outer most shell minus the Vital force.
Therefore, the chemicals which work by changing pathology of the body does not yield sustainable results. As the pathology of cells is under some master’s command, therefore, in order to change pathology in cells and tissues, it is better to get the command from the master – Vital Force. The body has millions and trillions of soldiers and they simply work under the order of one commander that is our Vital Force, Subconscious mind. So, by changing the commander, the whole pattern of the body can be rejuvenated.
Dr Hahnemann entered the Epoch of energy medicine through the concept of potentization some 200 years ago, even before the Dalton’s concept of structure of atom, Rutherford’s discovery of Nucleus. Neil Bohr’s postulate of electron, proton and neutron and the findings of De. Broglie, Heisenberg and Einstein’s uncertainty principle, which brought revolution in today’s knowledge of Force fields, atomic structure and energy.
So, what is ‘Vital Force’ in homeopathy is identifiable with the fields of forces that in quantum physics are considered as the building blocks of all entities existing in the material world. The same is true concerning the homeopathic remedy. Building blocks are the specific field of force of the substance that we use to influence the organism at the level of Vital Force, creating similar symptomatology, which is the basic law of homeopathy. The whole orchestra is well arranged and organized like the fine tuning of a musical instrument and so the body starts resetting itself.
By applying the correct homeopathic remedy, individuals are enabled to manifest their true nature and highest goals in life by helping them to rebalance and realign the spirit or life force. The end result is a deep and profound healing, a true restoration of health and well-being.
Much of the sickness that we experience is also genetically programmed into our cells. We are born with it and its homeopathy which can also help to move us through some of these negative predispositions by working at energy and cellular level. The cure will appear on a physical level, but i;:hanges certainly will also be seen on the deeper, more spiritually profound levels, such as clarity of vision, better intellectual functioning, revitalized health and the ability to actuate one’s desires.
As all the homeopathic remedies come from material substances found i n nature, from herbs to minerals to animal products No instrument so far has been able to detect anything of material value in properly manufactured remedies. So ultimately the only active principal in these remedies remains in some spiritual force, nothing material or physical.
This force of course is related and connected to the original source or substance, but is non material in nature. Therefore, when disturbance to the spirit or Vital force is removed by the remedy, the body begins to heal spontaneously of itself, restoring order, balance and harmony naturally.
As this process unfolds, symptoms usually improve as it unblocks the energy links in a person which are keeping them from progressing on their emotional and spiritual path. Conventional medicines won’t do that. They only work on the physical and chemical level and not on energy level. At the physical level, human ego reigns supreme and claims that it has found the ultimate truth, without encompassing the essence of our existence which is spirit, Vital Force.
So the great learning is l took this opportunity to talk about the holistic approach of homeopathy to treat a disease and how it’s journey is different from conventional allopathic medicine. But it is a sheer misfortune that the beauty of homeopathy is still not fully understood and I feel that if the logistics of homeopathy are more open and dearer to the world and the scientists, it would certainly provide miraculous healing to the ailing and suffering humanity at this juncture of prevailing pandemic, which has brought untold miseries to the mankind. Sending lots of love and healing from the core of my soul always in the service of humanity.
(The author is Director, Jagpal Homeopathic Centre, Ludhiana)

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