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Anantnag residents allege unscheduled power cuts

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Nanil residents demand immediate repairing of their transformer

Anantnag: Residents of different areas of the Anantnag district Friday complained of unscheduled and extended power cuts demanding an immediate end to such measures.
Residents of different areas of Dooru, Kokernag, Mattan and Pahalgam said that they are witnessing frequent cuts especially during evening hours which were putting people to lot of inconvenience.
These pesky power cuts are now triggering resentment among people, who have asked Power Development Department (PDD) to stick to a regular power schedule.
A group of locals from Larnoo hamlet of Kokernag claimed the area was witnessing more than 12 hours cut in power supply daily since the past two weeks now.
The power development department doesn’t abide by any schedule. After every 20 minutes, the power supply is snapped to our area and after half an hour or one hour it is restored, they said.
Electricity cuts have grown severe during the past two weeks, they said, adding that why should the people pay the bills when they don’t get the scheduled power supply.
A local from Pahalgam urged the authorities to issue winter power schedule so that people could get to know when their area will witness power cut.
“We hardly get power supply during the evening hours when it is needed the most,” he said, adding that no attention is being provided towards the issue.
Residents of other areas of the district also complained that they are facing regular power cuts for the past two weeks.
Residents of Nanil in Mattan area of Anantnag said that one of the transformers in their village has got damaged one week back but they still are waiting for it to be repaired.
They said that it was repaired once but it got damaged in less than 24 hours again.
They said that there are decayed electric poles in the area besides that electric lines are dangling as they are connected with trees.
The locals requested the higher ups to look into the matter and solve their genuine demands at an earliest so that they can heave a sigh of relief.

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