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Care for the elderly

Care for the elderly
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The elderly and senior citizens need to be taken care of. Not only should their daily needs be met but their other requirements should also be ensured. For this the society at large and the administration too needs to step in.
Ironically, one of the many issues that our society is facing is the lack of attention and care the elderly are getting since many years now. The issue is not limited to Jammu and Kashmir only but spread to the entire country.
Though the issue has crept up many years back but the previous government had failed miserable to address the issue. Even as lot of resources were spent on developing various infrastructure but no relief was provided to the elderly populace which were otherwise in need of a helpline service which would have addressed their growing concerns and issues.
Now, a beginning has been made after the government announced the launch of Senior Citizens National Helpline ”Elderline”-14567 in J&K. The helpline will serve as a vital support system to comfort the distressed elderly through a dedicated Decentralized Call Center, extending emotional care and support, health services, and other aids to needy senior citizens. This toll-free helpline will fill a crucial gap in the institutionalized Eldercare Ecosystem in the region.
The elderly have been facing many issues since a nuclear family concept has emerged in Jammu and Kashmir and lot of migration is happening owing to the increased means adopted by the people to earn more and increase their incomes.
In such a scenario the elderly are witnessing a severe neglect as their families are not willing to come forward and take up their concerns related to their care and well being. Though other regions of the country too are witnessing this development but some sort of support mechanism has been put in place to address the needs of the elderly.
However, no such measures were taken up in Jammu and Kashmir as no one was willing to discuss the issue openly and such debate was considered a taboo. But with the growing apathy towards the elderly increasing day by a day some sort of arrangement was a necessity for the elderly population.
Interestingly, the government also announced that the J&K Maintenance and Welfare for Parents and Senior Citizens rules 2021 have been prepared and will be notified in a few days. This move will also end up as another support for the distressed elderly.
The issues that the elderly people are facing are increasing and such measures are a requirement which have to be put in place at the earliest. The increased life span of the people here has meant that the elderly population is also growing and hence their demands too will be increasing with time.
The administration’s decision to offer a support has come at a time when the situation was turning bad and a measure was to be put in place at an earliest. The move by the government deserves applaud but the move should not remain confined to papers only but prove beneficial for the seniors in real sense.


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