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The Love for Definitions and Definition of Love

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Fahid Fayaz Darangay

When we think of anything, any action, any feeling, any choice, any behavior and even any relation that is abstract and can’t name with subtlety we try to define that. That is where that abstractness losses its being universal to everyone. Where there are definitions, there is irrelativeness.]
One thing according to me is not that according to any other person in a different social environment. The person which is not normal healthily, I define him disabled or especially abled will not change my negative or positive attitude towards that person.
What I can do to make him feel, make him compete and make him dream will give me peace and rise in internal and spiritual belief. That is not absolutely in its pure essence even in the definitions of my brother, my friend or my spouse.
Meanings, feelings and responses get covered by definitions therefore increasing our inability to love, respect, being faithful to every person important to us. Therefore I (you aren’t bound) shouldn’t follow definitions but define what I follow and what I believe.
The impact of definitions can be scented from the following two quotes.
Mark Manson writes, “We create a meaning for ourselves, our brains are designed to hold on to that meaning. We are biased toward the meaning our mind has made, and we don’t want to let go of it. Even if we see evidence that contradicts the meaning we created, we often ignore it and keep on believing anyway.”
The comedian Emo Philips also once said, “I used to think the human brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.”
I mean love as nothing anyone else has defined its idea. I have read the definitions of love from professional humans as writers, authors, lyricists etc. and from saints, sufis and from people; my friends, my father and my siblings. They have defined love perfectly, to the hardest and heart aching impactful level.
I can’t reach to heights of what Shams Tabriz (Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.) or Rumi (“Love is the bridge between you and everything.) said about it. But I can only mean by love what my twenty five years of age have given me a thought of it. I take love not by its definitions and ideas by what love makes an ordinary man or disabled or specially abled young boy do and feel.
It can make me feel among the stars of the world. It can make Baba Bulleh Shah join the dancing caste (kanjars) and for 12 long years and then one day sing and dance to the famous verse: `Tere Ishq Nachaya`. It can make the greatest ever poet do femi (a sufi type of dance) in front of the society.
That is what love is. It can’t be the today’s fast changing relationships on the social media. Love doesn’t make you fall into thinking but its thought gets in every single little ounce of time.
(The author holds an honours degree in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University. He has done his Masters in Financial Economics from Madras School of Economics, Chennai)


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