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Preemptive measures

Preemptive measures
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Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing a change in its weather patterns. Not only have winters turned harsher but the downpour during summer and autumn months too has witnessed an increase.
The phenomenon has led to an increased worry among the entire population for various reasons including the increased water level in all major rivers and tributaries.
The situation has become such that just a day’s downpour leads to a panicky situation in entire Jammu and Kashmir region as people fear for floods, the worst nightmare the people fear since the September 2014 deluge as it left almost the entire population effected. Besides, the flash floods that occur quite regularly now have also emerged as a new threat.
Just few hours back a remote village in Kishtwar witnessed nature’s fury as the administration and rescue teams are grappling with the catastrophe.
However, in Kashmir the only worry that eats away almost the entire population is the reduced carrying capacity of river Jhelum. Any prolonged period of rains in the region is enough to trigger floods and the blame can be put straightaway on the unplanned dredging of river Jehlum, weak river embankments and ill-preparation of the government to deal with the rising waters. The governments lackadaisical attitude indicates that no lessons have been learnt from the deadly deluge of September 2014.
Post September 2014 nothing concrete was done on ground to prevent damage of such a huge volume. The then PDP-BJP government made tall claims about dredging of river and raising the height of river embankments, but the ground situation tells a different story.
In most parts of Srinagar city the Jhelum embankments have weakened, causing a serious worry and concern among the local population. As we all know that the summer season is at its peak and within two months we will be readying for the autumn season, meaning hours long downpours and increased water flow in rivers and tributaries.
What is worrying is that no concrete and modern ways of dealing with the flood like situation have been adopted by the government. The administration still relies on sand filled polythene bags to control the situation and once the flood threat is over even this cosmetic measure vanishes in thin air.
The Jhelum embankments across Srinagar city have witnessed a neglect which can prove catastrophic once the water level in Jhelum rises owing to severe or even a mild downpour.
Since the winter months have witnessed an unprecedented downpour this year the water levels in various rivers is at an all time high as the snow is melting at a fast pace. This should mean that the administration should be well prepared to meet any eventuality well in time.


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