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Eid-A benediction in disguise for childless couples

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Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon
‘And perhaps if he’s is moving so slowly and he’s taking so long. It’s because he is forming something so breathtaking and beautiful. It cannot be rushed. He is in the process of forming masterpiece’.
The Principles of Sacrifice in Islam and its rules are mentioned in the authentic books of Hadith as well as in the Holy Book, the Book of Life, Qur’an, through the source of Hazrat Ibrahim that how Allah Almighty gave Hazrat Ibrahim a righteous children.
Apart from other religious reasons through this incident, Allah Almighty intended to teach a lesson to the children of Adam especially for sterile parents, as there are many married couples in the society who are deprived of the blessing of children, it has been narrated that Hazrat Ibrahim was about 86 years old and Hazrat Hajra was also old aged women but when Hazrat Ibrahim prayed humbly in the court of Allah, Allah Almighty blessed him with righteous offspring.
Not only Hazrat Ibrahim but you will find many such stories in the authentic history books in which I would like to narrate the story of Hazrat Zakariya according to the occasion and palace.
Prophet zakariya’s wife’, eisha (Al yashbi) was barren and both had grown old and apparently had lost the possibility of having children at that age, but when Hazrat Zakariya saw Hazrat Bibi Maryam with unseasonably high quality fruits, he thought to himself. Is it difficult for him to bear children when my Lord can bear fruit without time?
The desire for children gave Hazrat Zakariya the courage to raise his hands in front of Allah Almighty and ask for prayers and then this prayer came on his lips involuntarily, “O my Lord! Give me righteous children from yourself. Verily, You are the Hearer (and Acceptor) of supplication ”(Surat al-Imran, 38)Allah , the Lord of Glory, accepted this prayer of His Beloved Prophet and commanded the angels to go immediately and give glad tidings of a son to My righteous servant Zakariya. He was still standing in the synagogue when the angels called out, “(Zakariya ) Allah gives you the glad tidings of Yahya.” Those who affirm the bounty of Allah,( ie Isa,) and will be the leaders and will not be attracted to women, and the Messenger of Allah (ie) will be among the righteous.
“With a baby or without you are still valuable, you are whole and you matter”
Those who do not have children bear the pain of deprivation of this blessing every day but they should not give up hope. Always do prayers in the court of Allah. Almighty will surely accept your prayers. Just do not despair.
By the command of Allah, glue blossoms in the dust, and those whom Allah has exalted with this blessing should train their children properly because parents are the first School of their children. What children learn from their parents till the age of puberty? The same is also visible in their character. Only when you are righteous will your children join the ranks of righteous children. This is the law of nature. This is the law of nature. A broken branch never produces fruit.
The Purpose of Sacrifice According to the Book of Life, the Qur’an states that the purpose of the sacrifice is to pave the way for sacrificing one’s life for the sake of Allah Almighty. This is to sacrifice one’s life and property for the sake of Allah. And the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, was commanded: Say: My prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
Sacrificial skins can be used after tanning, but many people throw these skins on the public road, which has a negative impact on the environment, and stray dogs make it difficult for people to get around. Remember to either use them or bury them in a suitable place. You cannot reap the benefits of sacrifice by hurting others.
(The author is working as Sr Edp head and Councilor at DD Target PMT Parraypora)

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