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Man eater leopard trapped

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Srinagar: The leopard, which killed a four-year-old girl in Budgam district of central Kashmir, has been captured, officials said on Tuesday.
The animal was captured from the nursery in the office complex of deputy commissioner Budgam, they said.
The officials said the leopard had been spotted in the vicinity of the complex a few days back.
Senior official of the wildlife department Rashid Naqash confirmed that the captured leopard was the same that had picked up and killed a four-year-old girl from the lawn of her house at Ompora housing colony 11 days ago.
The officials said teams had been tracking the pug marks of the female cat, which weighs around 80 kilograms.
Meanwhile, in a bid to avoid human and wild animal contact the Wild Life Department has established night campus in vulnerable areas across Kashmir Valley.
The move has been initiated as leopards have been witnessed roaming in various areas in Budgam, Khrew and other areas.
Although Wild Life Department has managed to capture several leopards, yet presence of leopards in populated areas is giving sleepless nights to the people.
Altaf Hussain, Wildlife Warden Central Kashmir said that conflicts between the man and animal have occurred since ages. However, it has come to light ever more frequently in recent times.
“Our main motive is to avoid this conflict. We want neither human should be harmed nor animals should be killed. Unfortunately, in some incidents, there was loss of life and even some animals were killed by people in self-defense,” he said.
He said within a span of seven days, third leopard was rescued in Wuyan area of Khrew by Wild Life Department.
“Rescue Control Room of Khrew Range continued to show their 24×7 tireless commitment to rescue 3rd leopard without allowing any human wildlife conflict,” Altaf Hussain said.
He said the Department of Wildlife Protection has been putting in every effort to avoid any undesired man animal conflict.
“Night camps are being installed wherever they are deemed necessary in view of any wild animal sightings,” he said and asked people to be alert. (with inputs from KNT)

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