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Missing out on schools

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Vijay Garg
We all need proper guidance to remove the darkness of ignorance from our lives. This guidance is provided by teachers. Teachers are always happy to take their students to a higher level. He is always ready to use new, easy and inspiring ways to educate his students. His labor can never be ignored. All other professions are born out of teaching. Nowadays education cannot be denied from life because the condition of an illiterate person is like a dark pit.
It will be easier to earn if we have the weapon of education. Mental labor is easier than physical labor. Lifting mud, bricks, and gravel alone is not hard work. Reading and writing cleanse the mind and makes our life easier. The Corona epidemic has brought about an unexpected change in centuries-old teaching techniques. Just as every coin has two sides, so too does this online education have two sides – good and bad. Education too had to go through these good and bad stages.
It seems that the experiments being done on it have not been successful at all. First of all we will talk about the benefits to its students. Students who are passionate about their studies have taken full advantage of the new technology useid in education. He continues to be involved in studies.
By making good use of tools like YouTube, he gathered knowledge beyond his comprehension from expert educators. Those deserving students kept in mind that if we ‘wasted time today, it would ruin us one hundred percent.’
On the other hand, if we talk about the disadvantages of online education conducted in such a long period of time, then the student who was getting the education disappeared. The education that was free for the children of the poor from class I to VIII became expensive. Net packs had to be put on. There are 2-3 children in the house so different phones were needed.
Parents also need a phone in their daily life which has caused domestic strife. Excessive use of phones also increased the cost of electricity. Thus, despite the decline in income, expenses increased. The daily demand for expensive phones and net packs from parents became a source of trouble for them. Every parent wants to see their child succeed, which is why they try to meet the demands of their children. But many children started abusing it. Very few students do the work assigned by the teachers honestly.
The rest play online games all day or watch a lot of other things that are not worth watching. There is no work schedule for teachers and students. Messages of late night work kept coming which spoiled the family atmosphere of the teachers as everything in the school was done within the time limit. Excessive use of mobile phones has reduced the eyesight of students and teachers and other physical ailments have also led to problems like back pain due to sitting all day long.
Due to the high network problem in the villages, the mindset of the students has increased. The bottom line is that no technology can replace a person. The disinterested students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Little did they know that this deficit would not last a lifetime? Now the only prayer before God is that all get out of the corona of soon. Now that the school is open, the students should also come to the school and show interest in their studies. Students feel sad without school
(The author is Retired Principal based at Malout Punjab)

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