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M Ahmad
The National Policy for Persons with Disabilities recognizes that Persons with Disabilities are valuable human resource for the country and seeks to create an environment that provides equal opportunities, protection of their rights and full participation in society.
To facilitate the national objective, there is a need for collection, compilation and analysis of data on disability. The statistical indicators derived on the basis of the survey of persons with disabilities are required for planning and policy making for the persons with disabilities.
The results of the survey are useful to various stakeholders. The National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India, has conducted a Survey of Persons with Disabilities during July 2018 to December 2018 as a part of 76th round of National Sample Survey (NSS).

According to the Census 2001 Jammu & Kashmir had a population 3.06 lakh of Persons with Disabilities and in 2011 it was 3.76 lakh, showing an increase of 70,000 persons. The distribution and other facts of population of persons with disabilities in J&K, as per survey 2018 is summarized below:
Male with various disabilities: 1.6% of total population (14,421,819) = 2,30,749
Female with various disabilities: 1.4% of total population (14,421,819) = 2,01,905
Total population of Persons with Disabilities as on Dec 2018 = 4,32,654

Locomotor disability: Male: 0.9 % Female: 0.7% Visual disability: Male: 0.2 % Female: 0.2% Hearing disability: Male: 0.2 % Female: 0.2% Speech disability: Male: 0.2 % Female: 0.2% MR disability: Male: 0.1 % Female: 0.1% MI disability: Male: 0.1 % Female: 0.1 %

Literacy rate
(7-14 Years) Male: 57.3 % Female: 32.9 %
(15 Yrs and above) Male: 24.1 % Female: 13.7 %
PWDs living alone: Male: 1.9 % Female: 0.0 %

PWDs who received aid from GOVT:
Male: 30.4 % Female: 32.5 %

PWDs who received aid from Organisations:
Male: 1.1 % Female: 0.2 %

PWDs who did not receive any aid:
Male: 68.6 % Female: 67.4 %

PWDs who have Certificate of Disability:
Male: 54.8 % Female: 50.0 %

Children with Disability (with different age group)
Boys: 47,602 Girls: 37,900
Enrolled in schools
Boys: 61.7% Girls: 60.5%
Stopped to go to school:
Boys: 12.3% Girls: 11.9%
(The author is (I/C) Abhedananda Home-Higher Secondary Institution for Specially-abled Children, Solina, Rambagh)



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