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Medical experts share care tips for mild category Covid patients

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JAMMU: EExperts and multiple research reports reveal that most of the Covid patients fall under the mild to moderate category and recover easily on their own. Fifty percent of the mildly infected complain of loss of senses of smell and taste. And as the symptoms are well defined so they may immediately identify them and act according to expert advice.
In this regard, Professor Department of Medicine, Government Medical College Jammu, Dr Fayaz Ahmad Wani says that fever, sore throat, loss of appetite and fatigue are some of the prominent symptoms of Covid-19 infection and If any of these are felt, it is time to isolate oneself and to get Covid-19 test.
While advising people with mild symptoms, Dr Wani suggests drinking plenty of water on regular intervals and to monitor oxygen saturation levels multiple times during the day.
Oxygen saturation level above 94 is safe, and only when the levels fall between 94 and 90, it is time to get alert, check the levels more frequently and seek medical help as early as possible, he added.
In case of sudden drop in oxygen saturation levels, Dr Wani teaches ‘prone posture’ exercise. While doing prone exercise, a patient is made to lie facing down, with arms bent comfortably at the elbow and positioned forward.
Head of Medicine, GMC Jammu, Dr Vijay Kundal also assures early recovery of the mild cases saying, ‘There is no need for such patients to panic as most of the Covid cases fall under mild category and recover easily. Such people develop symptoms like cough and cold’. They should immediately isolate themselves and eat healthy foods, he advises. Covid patients without any comorbidity are also able to recover easily in most of the cases, he added.
The HoD warns against self medication, use of anticoagulants and steroids without a doctor’s prescription and says that steroids are ‘two edged swords’. ‘On one hand these may help to some extent, and on the other they may weaken one’s immunity’, said Dr Kundal.
Dr Kundal suggests taking the Six Minute Walk Test, a rudimentary exercise to judge if one needs medical help or not. In the test, the subject walks for six minutes, and if his oxygen saturation level falls, either by three percent or below 94, it is time to consult a doctor. Such patients must lie in a prone position to restore oxygen saturation quickly, he advised.
The doctors also suggest that all Covid-related queries and doubts can be cleared on helpline number 0191 2571616. Public can also call the Divisional Control Room at 0191-2520982, 2549676, 2674444, 2674115, 2674908.


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