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Effects of wrong career choices

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Shah Wasil
In Kashmir, bar of suicidal cases has increased abruptly within this week. In our life, there come certain stages where we need to make choices, the choices which make our path for future, the choice which change our career, the choices which can either lead us to the road of success or to the barren lands of failure.
These choices need to be taken very wisely because it depends upon these made choices that whether your future self will thank you or regret later on, which obviously at that point of time is of total zero use.
In order to make a proper and feasible choice, what’s most important is to first know yourself, discover your capabilities, to have a look at your strengths areas of interest, to perform a complete analysis of your fields of interest, to be well acquainted with the things which you can do much more by yourself rather than taking much help from anyone.
For example in the life of a student, there comes a phase after qualifying tenth examination to choose his subjects for the next two years. The choice made here will determine the field he’ll be entering into. At times a tenth class student isn’t mature enough to make a correct choice all by himself so mostly his guardian or his parents make choice on his behalf, which in most cases become a sort of headache for student as his areas of interest could be ignored and parents think much more of themselves, their choices which ultimately end up troubling the child as he has to face its upcoming consequences.
But some parents, having observed their child take right choice, knowing their child’s ability and making his interest as the main priority. But these type of parents are very less in numbers though. So a student has to deal for two constant years in the field for choice he made in class tenth.
Then the destiny provides a second opportunity for students after class 12th. By this time, the student, in addition to undergoing physical growth and maturation has attained mental maturity as well and has the authority in his own hands to choose his future and this choice is what is gonna shape his career for the coming life. But unfortunately, some pressurised students aren’t able to choose wisely even at this time too because they think of their so called reputation, or sometimes of the people around them.
Even some students put their future at stake just by blindly following same the paths and making the same choices as made by best friends, hence ignoring their strength and guess the reply they put forth when being asked the reason for opting this choice.
“Being together will strengthen our friendship”. Woah, so on the pretext of strengthening their friendship (so called), while in the real sense they’re destroying their future with their own hands. In many cases, a student opts a field just because he has the fear of people, the fear whether this society will accept him or not if he follows his interests.
Thus he makes a choice which suits him according to society totally silencing the inner voice of interest which obviously yields him nothing but inner chaos, giving an open invitation to a depressed life full of worries and adverse situations which in turn leads to failure and mental ailments and anxieties.
This situation leads to unrest in the lives of the students who mostly then get involved in using drugs and some give up on life and commit suicides. This is where the biggest flaw lies. At this crucial point of time, they should not consider the opinion of others about them rather they should wholly and solely put themselves, their areas of interest into consideration than caring for others and society at large.
Importantly, instead of pressurizing the students parents and teachers should try their best to create friendly bonds with the children, especially teenagers. This way, it will become easier for them to know what the child wants to pursue or what his future plans are. Also a very important and much needed thing is counseling.
Proper counseling sessions should be started by the institutions be it government or private schools or coaching centers right from class ninth so that it becomes easy for the students to make judicious, well planned right career choice of their own interest after their tenth and twelfth examination to live a peaceful life rather than a life full of worries and regrets.
The youth are the future of the nation so these choices will decide whether they will live a pleasant life and serve their people or a life full of stress and tensions which eventually ends up in depression, drug-addiction and suicide in present times. May it become easy for today’s youth to live a blissful, beautiful and a chaos-less life. Aameen
(The author is a student pursuing an Honours degree in Zoology)

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