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Mufti Faizul Waheed: Humanity lost a jewel in its crown!

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Sufaya Yousf
Mufti Faizul Waheed Sahab was a blessed soul who served his religion by translating the most precious Book of Allah (Qur’an) into the Gojri language for the first time. Mufti Sahib was a renowned Islamic scholar who was blessed with the noble blessings.
Mufti Sahab was born in Dodhasan Bala, Rajouri in 1966. He was a well-known personality from Jammu and Kashmir for his precious works. He was an Islamic jurist who left no stone unturned for serving his religion. Mufti Sahab was also an exegete of the Quran and owns the credit of being the first translator of the Quran in the Gojri language.
Quran is a book of Allah revealed to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and its language is Arabic, but it is difficult for those who are not known to the Arabic language. Quran is not only a book of Allah, it is a complete way of life, a guide for living a fruitful life.
Through Quran, Allah commands his creature and to get to know about His commands one should understand the Book of Allah (Quran) properly and it is not easy to understand the Arabic language especially for those who didn’t speak this language because languages are different.
Quran needed a translation in one’s language. With the passing time it was translated from Arabic to other languages by some noble souls in the whole world. These people were the gifted ones who were blessed with these intense instincts that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Mufti Faizaul Waheed Sahab was also blessed with this noble art. He became first person who translated the book of Allah into Gojri so that people can learn and understand the holy book of Quran in their mother tongue.
Mufti Shahab was not only a good translator, but an author too. He authored so many booklets including Siraj- um- Muneera, Akham-e- Mayyat and Namaz Kae Masayil Quran-o- Hadees ki Roshni Mei.
Besides these works Mufti Sahab didn’t stop his pious work here. He was also a good Islamic speaker whose dialect was powerful and motivational. In Nov 2018, he said when delivering his speech at a convention in Gool, Ramban that the success of every person is concealed in Quran.
Mufti Faizul Sahab was also a Hafiz Quran who memorized whole Quran in 1982 and was also having specialization in the “qirat”. He also served as the Chief-mufti and patron of the Jamia Maariful Quran.
But at last the noble soul left this materialistic world today on Ist June 2021 for heavenly abode. This is the reality of life that every soul will taste death also mentioned in Quran. This loss is a big loss not only for the people of Jammu and Kashmir but for all the Muslims around the world and this loss is irreparable.
May Allah SWT except His noble work and bless his noble soul (Ameen).
(The author is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Srinagar)

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