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The moments of life

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Shah Hudaif
It’s bizarre how we humans plan for the future that too decades together when we can’t be sure of our existence for the very next moment. It’s nice to have an optimistic thinking and laying down plans for future but the bitter truth of ‘what if’ accompanying this can’t be ignored.
For instance a Medical student dreams of being a doctor in next five years and then live a happy and a comfortable life. But what if his end comes while he is still pursuing his studies.
The urge of living more is good and natural but merely in taking oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide, which we refer to breathing isn’t about living life. Life isn’t about reaching a specific stage and then doing a particular thing.
Living fullest in moments of life and extracting joy from them blossoms the heart, reminding you about the beauty of life. Life is nothing but a series of moments. And in these moments, joy comes from doing the things you actually want to do rather than being controlled by society, ending up doing what people except you to do.
Hustling demands us to be prolifically productive at all times. What productive means are the expectations we lay for our future selves. Mostly we blindly lay a specific societal path and start walking on it, terming this as being ambitious and ignore our inner voice, our inner spirit. It should be clear to us that being harsh on one’s own self isn’t called being ambitious.
Caging and tormenting ourselves will never ever provide you bliss in real sense. Outwardly you might show happiness but deep down your regrets ‘all continue haunting you like night mares.
So ensure that you don’t get suffocated in the dark box of expectations until you’ve the ability to feel every breath. Ensure that you live everyday in real sense and seize every moment.
Ensure to make life happen rather than regretting over what isn’t in your hands .By procrastinating on things you love to do, you’re procrastinating your ability to live a blissful life.
So live every single day, considering it to be your last opportunity to be happy and make life happen because there isn’t any specific set age to follow your heart. Steal time than letting it pass away and live life in your own way provided that you’re sure with what you’re doing is religiously permissible because that’s the only thing which will determine the comfort and joy of your eternal life of hereafter.(adapted)
(The author is a student and can be reached at [email protected])


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