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Beneficial person in the eyes of Maulana Wahid-udin-Khan

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Maulana Wahid-ud-din Khan used to say that God has created innumerable species for a purpose. He believed that Allah is the intelligent maker. Whatever is created, can never be useless. Everything is good at its place. Among all the creations, man is above all. He has been gifted with amazing faculties that make him extra ordinary. He has the potential to reach the pinnacles of glory or reach the lowest position. In this way, the ball is thrown in a human being’s court to decide what to become. Here, in this article, I would like to discuss qualities of a worthy person in the backdrop of Khan’s view.
First is his or her personality. He or she knows his or her personality well. He has introspected and has learnt that who I am. Where from I came? Where I am going to? He knows the rights of His Creator as well as people. He knows that the most important deed in God’s eyes is manner. Treating His creation with etiquettes is an important characteristic of the worthy person. He always wants to take full advantage of the situation where he can help anyone, regardless of creed, color, sex, etc. In short, his personality is a realized personality.
Second is foresightedness. He always looks at the end of the tunnel; however, he lives carefully in the present. Moments of happiness or sadness don’t bother him very much because he knows that all the worldly happiness or sadness is temporary. Moreover, it is not advisable to get entrapped in the snares of worldly comfort and ease. He, after careful observation, has come to conclude that I have to live here in order to have the best in the Hereafter.
Third is humility. He never is arrogant. He is down to Earth. He speaks according to situation. He never speaks against the needs of situation. After a careful observation, he has come to conclusion that sometimes it is better to keep silent because the need of the hour demands that. If he feels that his speaking can prove disastrous, he remains silent. In this way, his humility is real humility. He never bothers what others say. He does for the satisfaction of the heart and His Creator.
Fourth is morality. He is good in conduct and business with everyone. He never loses sight of the fact that in order to please His Creator, he has to do what he is entitled to do. If a person does wrong to him, he never thinks of harming him or her. Being aware of the fact: a true person does good to everyone for the sake of God, in this way, he sets an example. He, sometimes, forces his opponent to think differently about him.
Fifth is silence. It is one of the most important characteristics of the worthy person to remain silent. He reads less but ponder over the things that he has learnt. According to one of the great scientists that was discussed in the monthly, Science Reporter, a person told him that I read a large number of books. The scientist was pleased. But he remarked that your way of reading is not good. If you read in this fashion, then it means that you have no time to think. You only add knowledge but without understanding anything. However, it doesn’t mean that they are silent in the times of speaking. At the moments of speaking, he speaks through many ways.
Sixth and last is his or legacy. Knowing his deeds, almost everyone in the society wants to imitate him or her. Such is an attraction of his or her personality that everyone is ready to copy his or her style. He or she doesn’t feign but still people feel that it is an honor to be like him or her.
Really, a worthy person is an asset. Now, it is up to us to decide whether we want to become a ray of hope or keep disturbing others in whatever manner we can do. The need of the hour is to prepare ourselves as the real models of truth, love, humility, etc., and become beneficial person.
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The author is a teacher and can be reached at Mustafa@asnaav.com)


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