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Ghazwa Badr: Fight between truth and falsehood

Ghazwa Badr: Fight between truth and falsehood
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Mohammad Hussain Khan
We have reached the 17th day of Ramdhan which reminds us the historical battle of Badr. The battle of Badr is most famous battle of Islam and those who participated in it are enjoying a special distinction amongst the “Ummah”.
The battle of Badr is the first battle between the believers and the disbelievers of Makkah that took place at a valley between “Makkah’” and “Madina” known as “Badr” during the second year of the Hijra on 17th Ramdhan (13 th of March 624 CE). In this battle the number of believers did not exceed 313 whereas disbelievers were three times as big as them.
The believers were not well equipped but this did not despair their hope. The battle is so significant that Allah (SWT) mentioned this battle in the holy Quran and gave it a special name- “The day of Distinguishing” Allah Says:- “If you believe in Allah and what we sent down on our servant on the day of Distinguishing, the day the two hosts met.”
Let us go through the fathomless depths of this prestigious battle and retrieve the valuable lessons from that momentous occasion.
Allah (SWT) granted a miraculous victory to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions in the battle field of “Badr”. It was the night of Friday, 17th Ramdhan in the morning, the believers and disbelievers took up positions at the valley of Badr. The Prophet (SAW) organized the ranks and then prayed:- “O Allah, if you let this group of men die no one after them will worship you on the earth”. He (SAW) called out to His lord, “O Allah, give me the help which you promised me”. This historical emotional “Dua” with unflinching faith on Almighty Allah passed through the skies and was sufficed in the court of Allah (SWT). The divine dispensation afforded the “Believers” a bright victory and defeated the “disbelievers” in the worst possible way.
Miracles happened when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the command of Almighty Allah took a handful of dust and threw it at the enemies. A violent sand storm blew into the eyes of disbelievers and successfully vanquished them.
Certainly in Maidan-e Badr, the power of “Dua” and “Fasting” marked a turning point for “ummah” from a defensive stance towards stability and expansion.
The battle of Badr was remarkable in so many ways. It demonstrated the great devotion of the disciples and their complete faith in the Prophet (SAW) and his mission. The battle boosted the morale of the Ummah as a viable force in its pursuit of control of the holy city of Makkah.
Moreover, the battle also proved that mere numerical superiority and matching bravery are of no help if the cause is not righteous. Allah (SWT) helps those who make sacrifices in his cause. The other strategies that can be learnt from this battle is that, being a leader we must trust our subordinates.
However, in order to lead our subordinates, we must be firm in our decision and most of all to be strong when competing with our rivals. The victory of the battle of Badr gave “Believers” confidence in their physical power and soon later the “Ummah” was recognized of its power. This battle of Badr solidified the position of believers and status of new nuclear state in Madina. One of the key lessons that can be learnt from the battle of Badr is that the Allah (SWT) will help us in ways we could not imagine.
“Maidan-e-Badr” confirmed the vitality of “Ummah” and divine sanction of Deen-e-Islam and is dispatching a moral message that truth finds its own way to establish itself and will rise above falsehood as oil above water. Essentially the battle of Badr is remembered as a day of criterion’ between good and evil and its main aim was to liberate man from slavery and oppression and to adopt moral way of living through the principles of Deen-i-Aafaqi-the Islam.

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