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Social Media is compulsive

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Noorain Jeelani
An addiction is a desire when a body or mind needs to do something that is hard to control or stop rather its irresistible or uncontrollable behaviour that leads to adverse effects.

It would not be wrong to say that we are becoming slaves to technology. Nowadays remaining in deep touch with social media has grown its adverse impact on our lives and we are becoming addicted.

Social media addiction is as compulsive as drug abuse. It is actually spending too much time by using face book, twitter, instagram, snapchat, watsapp and other applications so that it effects or obstructs other aspects of human life.

There is actually nothing wrong with using social media, but the problem arises when someone becomes addicted to it and overspends their precious time on these platforms to gain pleasure and consequently affects his/her life.

In these times checking updates and scrolling through social media has become a trend particularly for teenagers and students who are more fascinated over by social media, as they think their profiles really depict how they appear to others which means more likes and followers they have.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It has been found that it has approximately 1.13 billion active users and more importantly according to its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg an average people would spend fifty minutes a day on FB. Spending fifty minutes a day on Fb is obviously a time consuming activity which has its adverse affects.

Moreover, one couldn’t deny the misuse of social media by our students which has its impacts on academic performance and hampers students productivity, concentration, emotional well being, mental I.Q and other health related issues like eye strain, stress, lack of sleep and depression.

Social Media can have a negative impact on our relationships also especially when we will talk of families or couples. As family time is very important to keep the experiences, love and connection together. It can also cause infidelity or adultery as many couples are caught cheating their partners through social media. This will make fights between couples or even lead the situation towards divorce.

The adverse impact of social media addiction can be powerful on society in both positive and negative terms. It is harmful when people spread rumours and false information without verifying the content. Online harassment or cyber bullying is commonly seen a problem for young people. Adults may also bully each other online and use offensive words or comments and who are victims of bullying experience stress and depression.

Last but not the least social media can be an important tool if used correctly. It is compulsory to know social media addiction before the situation worsens. Social media is and will pursue to be harmful and addictive unless something is done about it.

Therefore, before you spend hours on these platforms, rather try to indulge yourself to other essential things in your lives. Delete all notifications and unplug yourself. Spend time with family and friends and live happily. If we could use the social media smartly and correctly without being Addictive, having social websites will become a good change for us in future.


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