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Pulwama records 1500 dog bite cases in 2020

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Stray dog population growing at alarming rate

Pulwama: The population of stray dogs in Pulwama has risen to threatening numbers due to which cases of dog bite are increasing in the district with each passing day.
Locals said that the population of stray dogs in Pulwama is growing exponentially and the administration is failing to impose any sort of control over the growth of the canine population.
According to the district administration, 930 cases of dog bites were reported in 2019. Meanwhile, in the year 2020, the number has reached to 1500. These figures clearly show that the number of stray dog bites is increasing rapidly.
Locals from different areas said that the increasing number of dogs is making it difficult for us to walk through pathways and roads.
The canine population in the district is increasing due to poor disposal of waste by the locals and poor management of the waste by the administration, they say.
The Municipal Committees in Pulwama does not have the equipment or the manpower to sterilize these stray dogs, they added.
The locals rue that in absence of any plan to tackle with the menace the canine population is growing to alarming levels/.
The locals have now appealed the administration that in addition to sterilization, the number of dogs can be checked if municipal agencies will resort to modern waste disposal methods.
“The availability of food easily is also helping in increasing the dog population. The menace is so grave that children fear venturing out,” Shamim Ahmad, a local resident said.
Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent District Hospital Pulwama Dr Jameel said the number of stray dog bites is increasing every year.
“If the number of stray dogs is not controlled by the concerned departments, the number of the dog bites will increase exponentially in future,” he added.
Executive Officer Municipal Committee Pulwama Muhammad Iqbal, said that they do not have any mechanism to reduce the population of dogs, but he appealed the people to avoid littering and asked them not to throw waste items along the roads.
Notably, a minor was killed in a recent attack by stray dogs in Pinglena Pulwama.

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a reporter and covers regional news and can be contacted ganaie@kashmirvision.in

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